If it were Possible

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Howbeit, our God turned the curse into a Blessing?

Can you imagine, that people would hire someone to place a curse on another person or group.  We’ve all known of those who are supposed to be able to use all kind of potions and divination articles and cast spells on others.  The power obviously comes from a dark source; many think it actually works.  It can; don’t ask me how I know that, but I do.  Some spirits, can be very strong.

But what if the person they intend to hire, is supposed to be a man of God.  I don’t know exactly why God told Balaam to go with those men with the divination presents.  Perhaps, He was angry because He had already told him, not to go; he should have stood by what God told him the first time.  I can’t help but toss in here, that the animal he was riding, could see the Angel with the flaming sword drawn, standing in the path to block their way.  This man who was supposed to know God’s voice, did not see him.

It’s never been talked about much, but human spirits, are very powerful.  They can bind up services, and hinder the flow of the Spirit.  Two human spirits that agree on something good, can accomplish great things.  What is not well known, is that two human spirits who agree together for something bad or evil, can accomplish their motive also.  I’m not talking just to talk.  You will likely not see this, unless you are truly in the Spirit; it can be quite shocking and quite revealing.  The devil gets credit, for far too many things.

People will curse us for what we have; they will wish every kind of harm and failure on someone.  Envy is rotten, and jealousy is very cruel.  And never forget, these human spirits, are eternal.  The spirit of an ugly and self-righteous person, can jump across the aisle and project nasty feelings at good people.  It can be so intense, that at first, you think it’s coming from you; you repent, try to cleanse your heart, and it doesn’t go away.  Then the Spirit can reveal, it’s not coming from you at all; but from someone else.  If the Spirit shows you who it’s coming from, it can often be hard to accept.

There are those who have done a lot of harm to other people.  They’ve done everything they can to hinder your ministry, your music, your calling and anointing; likely, because you have something they do not have.  It is a terrible thing to think, that some people want to see others fall; they get a bazaar kind of glee.  They may have tried to turn others against you, or even refused to help you when they could have.  Even if the powers of evil darkness have assailed us, God, can turn it all around, for our good.

It may take awhile; but God, will keep His promises.  I love these words that say, “God is not a man, that He should lie. Neither the son of man, that he should repent”   Numbers 23:19.  Whatever was meant for our harm, He will turn it around.

If it were Possible

Rather than looking up and watching, many are looking down; consumed and all so involved in what’s in their hand.  We need to ask ourselves, just how much certain things have progressed, in a truly short period of time.  At this moment, I feel an intense backlash from those who do not want to hear some things.  They resent heavily, that any voice might call attention to where they are; and disturbing their slumber.

Again, I feel we need to write out a particular prophecy, made by Jesus Christ, in Matthew 24.  “For there shall arise false Christ’s, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible; they shall deceive the very elect.”   The complacency spirit, is fighting back with their own proclamations of what this time really is.  For those who desire to truly be in the Spirit, just go back and see exactly what the questions of His disciples were in this context.  What, and also, when.

There is a frail spirit of man, that is overly concerned with people being so deceived by all of the folk arising, calling themselves the 5-fold ministry.  It is a ploy of human thinking, along with a device of the enemy, to keep the people of God from returning to full apostolic revival.  Someone needs to stand and declare something; it is impossible for those who are in the Spirit and truly seeking more of the deeper things of God, to be deceived.  The more we study, fast and pray, allowing the Holy Ghost to lead us and guide us, the less chance we have to worry about any kind of deception; at all.

We think we have seen deception; we haven’t seen anything yet.  It’s true that some false Christ’s and some false prophets, have done some very appealing signs and wonders; the works among these, grows more every day.  Let me say this, as humbly as I can.  Those who are not choosing to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost, those who are complacent enough to believe and accept only what some man tells them, have a reason to be afraid.  If they themselves, are not following the Spirit, they will be deceived.

If we today, are searching out our OWN soul salvation, with fear and yes, with trembling, it is impossible to deceive us.  God bless and strengthen those of the ministry everywhere, that are following the leading of the Holy Ghost, and preparing their people for what Jesus said was coming.  There’s an old song many of us heard in days gone by: “Yes I know Jesus, for myself!”

If we are not fully in Christ, and being truly lead by the Holy Spirit of God, chances are, we will be fooled by such grand performances.  If we stay on our faces before Him, our true Spiritual discernment, will spare us.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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