If We Seek You We WILL Find You!


The truth of Your Word comes to mind as I ponder that, if I seek You with all of my heart, I will find You.

There is emphasis on the word “will” as it is absolute.  It is not a “maybe” or a “sometimes,” it is an “always.”  So, if I desire You with all of my heart should I not also seek You with all of my heart?

Yet as I ponder this truth, I know that I do not always seek You wholeheartedly.

As I am about to let myself off the hook because of my fears, I realize just how treacherous these fears are.  Fears act as a justifications for inaction, but it also stands directly opposed to Your word.

To be sure, when fear molds and shapes my actions, these actions are devoid of love.  Rather, I cling in cowardice to the safe.  I do not abandon self, I protect it.

When fear is coupled with unbelief there will be no positive outcome.  For unbelief in and of itself constrains as it keeps truth from becoming belief and belief from becoming action.

Unbelief is a stick in the mud.  Should it remain, the mud will dry around it.  It can go nowhere.  Meanwhile bacteria breaks it down so that it begins to rot.

I come out of agreement with fear and repent of it as sin.  In place of false self protection I choose real God protection.  You are my defender and the sooner I realize this the sooner I can relinquish the role unto You.

I come out of agreement with unbelief and in its place I embrace and receive faith.  Shed of doubt and unbelief I can live out of and move in true faith.  This pertains not just to the truth of the words I am pondering but to the truth of Your word as a whole.

Thank you, Father, that I am not left as an orphan.

Thank you for adopting me into Your family.

Thank you for Your faithfulness even in the face of my doubt and Your love which has overcome my fears.  I surrender unto You yet again.  Teach me to seek with diligence and to recognize Your still small voice as You whisper into my heart.


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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