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  1. “I have drawn My Sword”. To coincide with the above word, The Lord has been opening to me, the last few days, Ezekiel 7. The number 7 is the Hebrew letter Zayin. The pictograph for Zayin looks like a sword. It can represent a Sword and also Nourishment( ref Hebrew for Xians). Ezekiel 7 is a pronouncement of Judgement on Judah. This chapter also is full of typology about our current TIMES. In chapter 7 the term “is come”, in regards to “time, evil, the end, the day. In the KJV version of Ez 7 this wording is used 10 times in 7 verses. Doing the math that adds up to 17, and multiplied, 70. 17 is Yod (pic = hand/arm, and Divine Point of Energy)+ Zayin. Put that together and 17 represents The Empowered Hand and Arm of God. 70 reps the letter Ayin. Its pic looks like an Eye, and reps discernment and understanding. Add 17 to 70 and that equals 87. 80 is the letter Pey, and its meaning is mouth and spoken words. Now you have The Rhema and The Sword. Eph 6:17 *Note 17 again. 6 is the letter Vav and represents a tent peg used in the Tabernacle and is also a type of Christ. This is an introduction.
    Earlier this morning the Lord, I believe, showed me something very interesting in Ez 7:10 (same 17 + 70!). Ez 7:10 “Behold the day, behold, it is come: the morning is gone forth; the rod hath blossomed, pride hath budded.” The term “it is come” is used. The day, time, season is come. The next phrase is “the morning is gone forth’. The word “morning” in the Hebrew is H6843 tsĕphiyrah. It actually means “Crown, as encircling the head, turn of affairs, mishap” These additional meanings are a spin off of its etymology. Another Hebrew word from its etymology means “he-goat”, because they jump and ‘dance’ around.
    This verse is, as it were, the jump off point for the upcoming Judgments on Judah.
    Now, using typology, Judah represents our current USA. The morning is gone out, gone forth, is the Corona Virus. It encircles the head, the powers of our nation. It also reps the he-goat, i.e. Satan, who is Baphomet, the being with the head of a goat. He, the devil is dancing and leaping upon our current state of affairs. He is ruler of this World, and only because The Lord is allowing it. This virus, as well as the successive waves of judgments and their intensities, Ez 7:11-27, is The Mighty Sword of YHVH drawn and Empowered by His Right Hand! The Sword is His Glorious LOGOS that is Activated into His Rhema, Rev 19:13-16, to begin Judgment on His House first, and then our country and the nations. Babylon was used to judge Judah, but was eventually judged by God Himself.
    Jesus is imploring His Church to know Him. Eph 4:13 says we are “to come” INTO The Epignosis G1922, the full, accurate KNOWING of The Son of God. Knowing God is Eternal life, Jn 17:3. Hos 4 tells us that Northern Israel fell because the priest and the people did not know or fully know,epignosis, see Septuagint. Judah was the last stronghold for “knowing God” and then they turned from Him too. Hence, Ez 7 and many other verses in the OT of their demise, and destruction.
    Final note. Zayin can also mean nourishment. I believe that from the ashes of Judgement will come the Beauty of The Lord, because God always has a remnant that will seek Him and I believe that many in the USA and World will cry out to Him in humility and repentance. Then the Lord will pour out The Bread and Waters of Heaven to renew His People. I believe this will PRECEDE the Great Tribulation and be the final Preparation Time for The Saints to be found Worthy, having a Victor’s Crown, and not of Judgement, and and not to escape The Great and Terrible Day of The Lord. Rev 3:10-11.
    There is much more to Ez 7:1-27, but this was what I was told to share for now.

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