In My Name, shall they cast out


I have thought over and again about relating this story. I have no desire to sound crude or be too graphic. I have sought the Lord numerous times about this. I feel led that the Spirit has something to say, that many truly need to hear. Here in the low south, a young man who appeared to be about mid twenties and of average build, entered a certain apartment complex after dark. His intention, was so evil.

He somehow forced his way into the apartment of a 100 year old lady, who was legally blind. The security alarm was tripped. Two men, each of fairly substantial build, also residents there, heard the alarm. They recognized immediately, that something was wrong. This elderly woman was loved by everyone in the building and known for always being kind and helpful. They immediately rushed down the hall and into her apartment. They witnessed this young man trying to misuse this poor soul, on her own bed. Unreal.

They attempted to pull this guy away from her; but, he slung them both to the side, as if they were nothing, and continued to attempt what he had come there to do. In the mean time, the police had been summoned and they also rushed into the room. They tased this man; nothing happened; it did not phase him at all. Several policemen succeeded in wrestling this young man to the floor and cuffing him; two of the policemen were injured and so was the assailant. The neighbors were horrified over the incident.

The next day, a news team spoke with one of the policemen who had been there. His comment was, “I’ve never seen anything like this. It was as though he had “superhuman strength.” Something clicked in my mind. I thought of the story of a man called legion; he could not be bound with anything, not even chains; no man could tame him. My mind went back to the mid to late fifties, early sixties, when evil spirits would manifest themselves during services of tent meetings and even inside churches. The strength of these people was incredible; several grown men could not subdue them. Those not prayed up, stayed back with all of the children.

I read last evening, a grandmother in a northern state, sliced the throat of her two and a half year old grandchild, with a circular saw. Just because the child would not stop crying. This is all demonic; you can call it whatever you like. Evil spirits are arising, all over the world; it cannot be denied. It is my belief, that they will also start manifesting themselves in many church services and other meetings once more. Too many, are not prepared for such things. They, will be caught off guard. Their Holy Ghost power has waned; from seeking the ways of men. The Spirit, is sounding an alarm.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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