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In The Valley of Decision? — 2 Comments

  1. I thank you mom for this prophetic words. I am lifted up I says yes and amen to the lord. Even thou I walk in the valley of decision making, but my word is t lord is my light and salvation, he is the shepard of my soul.  In him I trust and will never tyrn back. My faith is strongly tested but the word of the lord is strong in heart as fire short up in my borns Thank ones more for daily guiding us and indeed you are a woman of God.

  2. Sister, I want to send you A CONFIRMATION about the dancing time:
    Today I went to the big town, for there is a medical practice that is open on Saturday. I needed an asthma aerosol. The doctor said, it must have been an allergic shock last night. Even there my face and body was covered, or rinsed with heavy sweat. I got the best medicine. Thank God !
    But now what happened after it ? I went through a store and heard the music there: STOLEN DANCE. I know that song. A little later, I went to a cafe, and there was played: DANCING IN THE DARK by Bruce Springsteen. Somehow I had to smile. And later in train I read your article on cell phone. GREAT CONFIRMATION :-)

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