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Is Anything Too Hard for God? — 5 Comments

  1. That is so good. How I long for more and more of Father God’s realty. How I long to live in His fire and Glory. I bow before My awesome God and yield to His majesty and power, His life and purpose. Thank you Father for loving us and honing us the way you do. Thank you Spirit of the Fear of the Lord for your engagement with us to bring us to a true representation of our lovely Jesus. Amem

  2. The vim vigor and vitality of youth flowing through those who will spend time in the presence of their God the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead quickening their mortal bodies. There is no pretending that you have been spending time in God’s spiritual gym, this is where applied Christianity is truly exposed there is no hiding it, God is too big to stay hidden the symptoms of His presence will shine there is no satanic oppression in this kingdom just health wealth peace love and joy in the Holy Spirit

  3. Thank you Veronika, God bless you beautiful lady.
    Father, I stand in the gap today for Your Righteous Elect, especially those who’ve been maligned and vehemently assaulted by the antichrist spirit spreading across the globe. I invite You Holy Spirit to lead us through the Cross, as we leave everything behind, into the Center-out Reflection of the Image of Pure Love, Light, And Truth.
    I embrace Your unfailing Power to keep us today from falling into the traps and snares set by the enemy!!
    Also Lord, there are many who’ve waited for a very long time for Your promises of healing and deliverance to come to pass, strengthen our feeble hands and steady our weak knees. Release a fresh breath and limitless Hope and Vision…Eternal Victory Vision Abba. :)

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