Is not the Word, the right Word?


Why do people say they believe the Bible, and that it is God’s word and instructions in righteousness, and then turn and do the opposite from what the Bible instructs them to do?

How many people do you meet that talk about the bible and even become critical of religious people that do not follow it themselves, that do what they criticize them of doing themselves?

Many people hear it, then do the opposite thing.

I am a prophet.  God called me to the gifting to receive revelation knowledge of the word of god and to teach the word to the church.  One of the things about all the five fold ministry gifts, is that they were given to the church to bring the church to maturity, till they grow up in the faith.

The Bible is my handbook as well as for all the five fold ministry, [or any other servant of the lord].  People come to me and ask me for a Word and I tell them what the word says.  It just is, so many times, they get mad at me for telling them what God’s word says.  Some have even become enemies.

I ask you the question, is not the Word, the right Word?

When anyone needs help and the Word of God is given, then should they not consider the word as help?

The Word of God is the light unto our pathway.  I could say nothing better than to give a bible answer.  Yet many people do not want to hear the bible answer.  Why?  The reason is they want to do it their way or the way of some man.

When a man or woman does anything their way they end up in trouble.  Even jesus said: you can do nothing without me.  Many coming with trouble are there already because they left god’s word and way!

The Word of God holds the answer to all our needs and will answer questions that will firmly plant you on God’s perfect will for your life.

Now, let me say this, if it is a particular pathway to take or not to take there is only one person to ask for that way and his name is the holy spirit.  No person, apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, or evangelist can tell you what to do in every instance, but each must look to the holy spirit for the guidance.

As a prophet, it is not my call to tell each man or woman what to do or where to go.  Why not ask the Holy Spirit and take His answer when He gives freely?  Stop thinking that any man can tell you what the Holy Spirit alone can say, and stop questioning the Word of God and believe what it says too.

The two work together.  The Word of God and the Holy Spirit.  The bible has the answer and the Holy Spirit will teach you all things.

So I want to sum up this small word and teaching by saying this: Stop saying you believe the Word of God and then depart from it to do the opposite!

If the Word says that a bishop must meet certain qualifications, such as be married to a wife and have his house in order, stop trying to be a bishop or pastor if you do not fit the Word of God pattern, etc.

Among other things, have you ever stopped to think that one thing wrong with the church today is that so many try to be one of the five fold ministers, but do not fit the bible pattern for that office?  To be someone that the bible does not approve, is like trying to put a round peg in a square hole.  The church is full of people who want to do it their way and this is why the church is in such a mess.

I am earnestly convinced, that there are many who are saying they are apostles, prophets/ess or pastors, who do NOT fit the pattern of that call.

Please just stop telling people you believe the Bible, if your not going to live by the Bible words.  Just be honest enough to tell people: “I am religious and the bible is a religious book which I follow “sometimes,” if it follows what I believe to be the right way!”

Would it not be a much better church and world if people would just come back to the Word of God and do what it says, and stop trying to rewrite the Word?


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

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Is not the Word, the right Word? — 1 Comment

  1. Your word is right in time again, Two times, one yesterday and one today.
    My post have been deleted on a pastor’s blog when I questioned him when he wrote the believer need to live ‘to a certain degree a consecrated life’.
    Of course God wants us to live totally consecrated lives and every other teaching will only serve Satan.