The Lord says: Change your Perspective!


Somebody, you have been looking at the past year [and years of your life] – what has been and what has not, what should have happened, and what shouldn’t have – for a good while – but God [who allowed it to be the way it is – for nothing happens without God] sent me to you today with this Word: “Change your Perspective.”

Your life is not in your past; no, it is in your present and in your future.  For even now I am here to let you know that there are some struggles which featured in your past which you will never again see in your future!

For many of you who are reading this, God will take the wilderness that you have seen for years, and transform it into the Garden of Eden.   Whom am I speaking to?  Get ready for a divine ‘shock and awe’ in your life!  Because those who saw you with nothing, will now come to see you with plenty.  Those who saw you humbled, will come to see you lifted.  Those who saw you in pain will come to see you comforted by the divine hand.

I have come as your divine messenger of good news: your joy is about to spring forth!

Yes, and I am here to prophesy and declare a crossing over for somebody.  From today, you are going from the wilderness to the promised land; you are going from failure to success, from lack to plenty, from last to first, from sickness to health, from confused to focused, from fear to faith, and from jobless to job-full.

A major forward shift is about to locate your life!  Yes, and an exchange is about to happen in your life!  As your Haman will be going down you will be fast rising up.  God will vindicate you by taking the yoke off of your neck and putting it on the same enemies who oppressed you.

God sent me to tell you to arise and shake off the dust – because of where He is taking you.  Shake off the things that make you look like the past.  Shake off the self-pity and the complaints.  Wipe off your tears.  Begin to change things around you.  Get a new look.  Change the way you talk.  Change your dressing style.  Change your friends.  Change your words.  Change your mind – through the word.  Change your routine.  Get rid of those things that have gotten you down and depressed, locked in the past.  Understand that god is doing a new thing in your life.

Cut off the negative habits and arise to your true position.  Understand that you are a king, and that means that you are a ruler and not a slave.  Now, kings are known for one thing: and that is making decrees.  So instead of waiting to see what will happen in your life, start to declare what you want to see.

Sit on your throne and begin to form your future.  Create your destiny with your faith-filled positive words.  The word of god says that you shall decree a thing and it will be established for you.  How it will actually happen after you have spoken is not your business.  Your job description is to make the faith decrees and leave the rest up to God.

You see, some people will sit down and wait for some miracles to happen in their lives, while others will choose to rise and be the divine instruments of the miraculous.  Before this month is over, God wants to birth some great things in your life.  It is imperative that you cooperate with him so you will see those things coming to pass.  For many of you who are reading this, God is saying, “No more delay.”  It’s your time to enter into destiny.

I speak it over your life: your time of change is now; your transformation is now, your time to possess your promised land is now.  By the anointing on my life, I move your destiny from the dust to the throne; I move your life from less to plenty; I move your name from the forgotten to the remembered; and I move you from the last to the first, in jesus name.

I declare your healing is now, your best and greatest is now, and your restoration is now.

Activate your faith and receive it now, in jesus name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi



The Lord says: Change your Perspective! — 7 Comments

  1. I receive this word in Jesus name.  My time is now.  I’m the head and not the tail.  I shall be above only and not beneath.

  2. Amen and amen NO MORE DELAY OUR RESTORATION IS NOW IN JESUS NAME!!!! Bless you and your beautiful family ☺️

  3. Hallelujah to the Precious Lamb of God! I receive this word, I declare it AND I believe it!
    May God bless you and yours abundantly!

  4. Glory to God! Thank you Brother Paul! Isaiah 43:19 is the same Word God gave me at the beginning of the year & All year long & That Word was truly for Me & I soooo Receive IT! Thanks A Million!

  5. Thank you & Yes that Word was Definitely for ME! Isaiah 43:19 – The New Thing shall Spring Forth! GOD USES YOU MIGHTILY!!!

  6. In the name of Jesus I receive this entire word in faith and decree and declare it over EVERY area of my life AMEN.