Isaiah 60:2 Resounds Once Again!

This Word first given after the 2016 Election of United States President Donald J. Trump.


“Darkness upon the land and gross darkness upon the people…..”   Isaiah 60:2a.

“I say to thee, You, I have now shown the shaking in the land through the election.

I say now to those who have not known Me, to those who do not acknowledge Me.

I say, and My Son the Lord Jesus Christ, My Mercy in the shaking of the land and that which men have thought to be there source, now they will see that their works do not stand before a Holy God.

I say, I AM God alone and all men shall know Me and those who reject Me, I reject.

I say My People, even now who have gone about doing things according to their doctrines and traditions, shall know now their works of flesh have failed them.

I say now by the Spirit, I have come in Myself as God the Creator of the Universe and My Son the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the only way to Life Eternal.

I say now, My Hand shakes the earth and the people there in, in knowing that everything they have thought to believe and do are not My Ways.

Now I say, I show myself and My Son and I say those who receive that which I do in making known to man this hour, I will bring them unto Myself, even now as I bring those back who have known My Name.

I AM God and God alone.  No one shall have any other god but Me.

I have sent My Son into the earth and placed Him on the Cross to die for all, even as I have raised Him from the dead and He lives and reigns forever more as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords.

I say to the Land, repent before Me, for the time is now.

I say now, hear the words spoken and know that I now have given it and now I say to thee, you are now partakers of the truth of God and beside Me, there is none other.

I say once again, repent from the things you have allowed in the land that are not My Way.

Behold!  Behold, for the God of the Universe, speaks to thee to know that the earth is the LORD’s and everything and everyone is Mine.

I AM God the Creator and I say your time to return to Me has come.”

In Jesus’ Name, Amen!


~ Prophetess Sylvia Ann Artis

Sylvia Ann Artis Prophetess Sylvia Ann Artis is a wife of 42 years and a mother of 2 wonderful children.  Her heart’s desire is to hear the LORD say, “Come on in, My good and faithful Servant.”
She is the author of “Setting The Captive Free,” available through Bookstand Publishing & Amazon.

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