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It is the Time of Manifold Blessings! — 4 Comments

  1. Approximately 7 years ago , during intense prayer God spoke to me about me being a manifold blessing to the kingdom of God . Since then I have been pursuing to be a blessing wherever I go , and where I am at any given time . Today is the 11 Th day of May , 2021 and during my prayer time I thought I would search the web to make sure I understand the exact intent of a manifold blessing , and Your prophecy was the first article I came upon .I understand it was about a year and a half ago when you received this word from God , however when I read about things of God I understand his word never changes or is variable, and applied in 2019 and still applies today in 2021 .So I thank you for sharing , because it has confirmed in me that being a manifold blessing , is the same as sewing manifold seeds , which I have been doing for many years . God recently spoke to me and said I have been faithful in sewing seed and watering the seed with love , but I have not set my feet to the harvest .So today I received conformation from your prophecy so that I am setting my feet to the harvest , and I know it is definitely related to seed , time , and harvest , for such a time as this . Thank you and God Bless You .

    • Am waiting on the Lord and early this morning, I heard the words MANIFOLD BLESSINGS. I jumped on the net to try and research and I came across this article and it’s just what I needed. The Lord bless you for sharing.

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