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It’s a Triple Two — 222 — Time and Season — 12 Comments

  1. I keeo seeing a series of 2’s and this morning I said to someone I keep seeing twos, 2:22 on my clock and such like. When I look at the clock it sees to be these numbers and I had a dream of triple 2’s some time ago.  It is strange that I told someone that this morning and then to come and see this word in the afternoon.  In fact, I only told the person because on Sunday afternoon he did a little message on threes in the Bible.  That thee times is significant in the Bible.  Here we are three twos.  God is speaking.  I hope I grasp fully what He is saying to me personally and to the Church as a whole.

  2. Opened my Bible App this morning for ” verse of the day.” It was Psalm 18v1-2 , the same text as 2 Samuel 22. I kinda think that this is confirmation of your word. :)

  3. Thank you thank you thank you. That is an amazing word. How faithful is our God. Now is time to stand and be counted for our Living God. What an awesome privilege to be filled with His glory at such a time as this.

  4. How amazing is our God!!!
    I had a dream some time ago, and in my dream I awakened from a very long sleep and found myself lying on a gurney, there was a young man messing with me while I was sleeping, I immediately jumped up and chased him…NO FEAR AT ALL!!!
    I believe the Great Awakening is apon us.
    It’s an exciting time. My biggest adversary and battle ground has been witchcraft!! I’m so excited about this. I’m excited for the Turning of the Tide as I partner with the Spirit of God in the complete inhialation of this perversion that’s taken so much from so many.
    I’m so extremely grateful for you Veronica, and for those like you whom God has used to bring encouragement into my life. For six straight years now I’ve been persecuted by decieved wounded people, night and day night and day night and day. But I scream Grace Grace Grace to the mountain!!!
    Soon all that Jesus defeated will be brought into the ashes and blown away. Because He who descended to the lowest earthly regions also ascended above the Heavens and filled the Univers with Himself, and He is about to unfold from the Center out…Praise God Hallelujah!!!!

  5. Wow! What a awesome word for those that have been experiencing all that was mentioned.Our God is so GOOD and always on time.

  6. Sister, this is speaking loud amd clear, as everything of you, but THIS is really outstanding. Today I had an important online test, and got sabotaged so badly, so evil. Though I was prepared, had checked computer, printer, scanner, team viewer etc., my work, and only my work and success was manipulated, hindered, but ALL GLORY TO GOD, I DID NOT FAIL !!! Through the attacks I was “last”, and I told an entire online class incl. teacher, that GOD IS MY WITNESS that I did not manipulate or use tricks or time for this medical terminology and anatomy test. I do in my very rare free time, 1 day in a week, a private education to become a medical secretary, and I pay for it on my own. Though I already got hindrances, mockings from boss as also from others, now hidden coworkers of satan tried to cast me out of the important 1st test today. They know how I need this 1 year schooling to come out of poverty and not having to work physically so hard like I had to work in the past.  Sister Veronika, I know you since years through many articles. I experienced some same despair. I do not compare myself with you, for you are a VERY chosen vessel for GOD – but it is similar. Stay blessed, I dearly appreciate you. THANK YOU FOR EVERY BOLDNESS & ENCOURAGING WORDS ! YOU WILL BE GREATLY REWARDED !

  7. 222? oh I got it. It means major victories over the kingdom of darkness in May, August and November but especially in August. This is based on the two or three witnesses rule.

    • I recently had to make a huge decision which flies in the face of all I care about. For weeks I struggled to find a peace about saying yes. When I finally fought through I chose His plan and not mine. That same day He showed me a future and a home so wildly beyond our pockets and told me these were part of His plan. I have struggled with the enormity of what He has promised but this Word has given me peace and understanding. Thank you so much xxx

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