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    I do admit I can easily become discouraged, depressed 2020 layout with COVID 19, social distancing, closing non essential businesses, increase of killing African Americans that led to riots and world wide protests and disruptive presidential elections. And higher Covid deaths. OMGOODNESS, no 2020 will leave us painfully discounted, grieved, angered…BUT our ONLY HOPE continues to TRUST and tearfully STAND knowingly the LION of Judah and the Lamb of GOD allowed these sorrows 4a reason. Has it rebuild TRUST 2 SOME..NO, rebuild HOPE-NO, many has gone astray become weary. The Prince of Peace hasn’t forsaken nor is quiet. There is a day of reckoning, an INCOMING unexpectedly hidden in 2021 it is ANOTHER New SEASON. What lies AHEAD WHAT will occur is in GOD prediction.

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