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  1. This fits to what I experienced today in a hidden evil way again: I was out for doing some important errands and when I returned, the Jezebels and her fans secretly again entered into our doors purposely and without our allowance. They laid 2 screws in X form to the sideboard. They often give death signs. We, my son and I, had 2 night long 2 guests here, genuine friends, and they are glad my son returned home, and we have much work to do in these days. When you are most vulnerable, some stand at the door and want to come in to find something to gossip about. Some people are obsessed and run around like roaring devils, like God`s word warns us.
    This Holy Scripture is very important to think about in these final days on earth: PSALM 41:6 “They visit me as if they were my friends, but all the while they gather gossip, and when they leave, they spread it everywhere.” I did not want to share any more of their hurtful doings. But this newest entering through our private doors just fits to the topic. In their speedy cars also today they drove around me, again 3 times giving their proud sirenes. They may not know that GOD also has noticed this. And that HE has recorded each and everyone of them.

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