Judgment fires burning up the wicked


Years back, I heard the Lord saying He had ALLOWED OBAMA to be in this nation.  He said to me:  “America said to me they did not want Me, now I will give you your man.  Follow him and see where he will take you.”

Many are wondering today why Obama is the President of this nation.  They only need to stop and think about what the Scriptures tell us about men in Authority such as Kings, Presidents, etc.  It is clear to those who believe the Word of God and understand that God is the One who raises up or takes down these Men of Authority.  Not only is he the one to place them, but our God does as well raise up [bless] some nations as well as tear down [destroy] other nations.  AMERICA IS NOT EXEMPT.  There are those in this land who act as if MEN ARE THE FINAL WORD FOR THIS COUNTRY.  Not so!  The plain truth of the matter is GOD IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL.

Well some one says, WHAT IS GOD DOING NOW?

The answer to this question is plain and simple GOD IS JUDGING THIS NATION NOW FOR THEIR OPEN SIN.  The fact is this Nation did ask for it.  Matter fact they begged for what they are getting.   THEY STOOD DAILY AND SHOOK THEIR FIST IN THE FACE OF GOD AND ALL BELIEVERS IN CHRIST JESUS, SAYING, WE DO NOT WANT GOD IN OUR COUNTRY, SCHOOLS, GOVERNMENT.  So.  The Lord said you can have your day.

I am hearing that these sins listed below are at the very heart of this Judgment.

  1. The dividing [turning against] Israel.  Right now this sin against Gods Chosen Nation of Israel is at… ALL TIME HIGH.  The fact is while I write this very message, Obama is doing all he can to bring division to Israel and to aid the nation of fanatical Iran in getting a bomb big enough to blast Israel off the face of the Earth.  He is not only deliberately doing this but it is planned and open for all to see.  Now consider this fact:  IT IS NOT ALL OBAMA who is to blame.. But, those men in this land who hate Israel and promote the man Obama, standing behind him.  The pure fact is GOD IS REVEALING THEM RIGHT NOW SO AS ALL THE WORLD CAN SEE “HIM” THE EVERLASTING GOD OF ISRAEL.  Before this is over, I fully suspect we will see the completion of Ezekiel 38 and 39 which will definitely reveal TO ALL NATIONS AND MEN ON THIS EARTH that the Lord is GOD OVER ISRAEL.  It will be known fully who they have defied openly in their rebellion and rejection of God and His People.
  1. ABORTION is the disgrace of America.  This deadly sin is a direct insult to God the creator of all men.  It is open rebellion [to cover the sins of promiscuous sins in Americans lifestyle] to God and is a COVER UP OF SIN.  God hates this, and I believe, next to the abuse of Israel, GOD HATES ABORTION NEXT.
  1. HOMOSEXUAL LIFESTYLE.  This sin is a huge NO in the mind and purpose of God.  God did not create men to be with men or women to be with women.  God made the sexes to accomplish his special purpose on this earth of having children to populate this planet.  He did as well create first a MAN, than second A WOMAN FOR THAT MAN.  It is against Gods clear purposes to believe in and allow Homosexuality.  It is a BLIGHT ON ANY PEOPLE OR NATION.  We see the end clearly defined in the message to SODOM AND GOMORRAH.

Other than these three sins which over the years I personally as a Prophet have heard him speaking, there is only one other THE SIN OF PERSONAL REJECTION OF GOD HIMSELF.  This is most likely the greatest of all sins.  So many people in this Nation [and world] have REJECTED GOD.  They do not want him in their lives.

So this Nation is IN JUDGMENT NOW and there is TROUBLE IN THIS LAND.

If Christians living in this nation do not watch it, they will be drug down with this Nation.  They must arise to the truth and LIVE FOR THE LORD.  It is not a easy time for sure, but BLESSED TIME.  For all who CHOOSE THE LORD there is ONLY BLESSINGS IN THE MIDST OF THE JUDGMENT.  They will be like all those in the Past History of the World who STOOD IN THE MIDST OF THE FIRE AND WOULD NOT BURN.

In many ways this day in which we live in America ARE THE GREATEST DAYS OF ALL TO BE ALIVE.  The reason being, God is so NEAR each of us and is there protecting us.  The times we WALK CLOSEST TO GOD AND IN THE GREATEST REVELATION OF HIM IS WHEN WE WALK THROUGH THE FIRE WITH HIM.

God told me as a Prophet to tell everyone:




I have written this word in obedience to the Lord.   This word came up in my spirit and I have written it knowing very well the Lord did show me these truths.  We MUST BE CONTENT IN THE FIRE.  WE MUST LEARN TO WALK WITH GOD IN THIS DAY OF JUDGMENT SO ALL THE WORLD CAN HAVE A CLEAR VIEW OF THE LORD.  HOPEFULLY THEY WILL FINALLY BE SAVED, TURNING TO THE LORD BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

Anyway, we KNOW for a fact how the End does End UP.  We know because we have read the last chapters of the Book.  We know who WINS.  GOD WINS AND WE WITH HIM.  HALLELUJAH!!


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

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Judgment fires burning up the wicked — 2 Comments

  1. Let us pray. Dear Heavenly Father we pray for our leaders and give thanks that you are still in control and seated on the throne. We give thanks for your son and your persistent and enduring love as you showed us through Christ’s death on the cross. You are the God who sees us, who knows us, and protect us! We depend on your great love and know because your people whom your son died for can rest in hope to see Our Lord and trust in his love for us! Thank you for your son and thank you for leading us to your son! Let us continue to believe in the resurrected Christ that is the author and finisher if our faith, who is the first and the last, the alpha and omega, your people can rest in your mighty arm, your Son Jesus Christ, and know you are faithful son and can’t lie! You decreed to us No one who puts their trust in your Son will be put to shame!! We honor you Father and Your son and give you praise for we are in your hands and in the strong tower of Christ our Lord!