Hold on and Receive your crown — 3 Comments

  1. Thank youfor this most recent word, because it is truly Timely. I thank God the Holy Spirit. Honestly after reading one of the messages on the 28th, it grieved my spirit so that I was tempted to respond, until I immediately read your word about not being moved by things, words or situations that may try & still your peace. The acuser of the brethern is being exposed like never before- Glory to God! I thought Wow, because you know when words are coming from someone’s personal thoughts, opinions, or political preferences by the gift of discerning of spirits. So thank you again & God is always on time. This is confirmation that God is dealing with “Matters of the Heart” in this hour, especially the Church- because Judgement starts with us first & We are to lead by Example, particularly those who profess & are Called to the 5 Fold Ministry. God Bless you my Sister & you are always on POINT & May you continue to Walk in rhe Spirit & Share your Gifts in “LOVE!”

    Salt & Light,
    Minister Mary Byrd

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