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Kenya: He Abhors Your Governance — 4 Comments

  1. Hi. Hadassah Esther’s prophesy on Youtube was dated 25th February 2020. Today (27th February 2020) the USA Embassy in Kenya posted they have credible intelligence that there will be a terror attack.

    This brought tears to my eyes because Haddasah prophesied 2 days before the USA Embassy in Kenya communicated on the terror attack. Our God is faithful & loving. HE ensured those who might not take Haddassah’s message seriously hopefully will give heed to the warning issued by the embassy. In this era of fake news I encourage everyone to visit the USA Embassy in Kenya website (just Google-the website will come up) and read for yourself.

    Make sure to note Haddassah’s prophesy date and the date of the alert posted by the USA Embassy to Kenya.


    • Greatings woman of God please I want to give my life to the Lord and receive his holy spirit please sister Hadassah how may I communicate with you please my sister help me

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