Keys to the Kingdom — 1 Comment

  1. Dear mighty servants of God,

    Am Pastor Benson Gwako, I have been blessed so much with your wonderful
    and beautiful work that you do in helping the lost sheep , carrying one
    anther’s burden is what Jesus taught. We thank God for directing us to your
    web site, surely its of full encouragements, knowing about second coming of
    our King Jesus. We are a Church committed in teaching the everlasting
    message to un reached and teach the original message, we pray that all the
    people around the world to have this picture of the true word of God , and
    in doing that we will be blessed so much and therefore we invite you to
    come to visit and to minister to our Churches in our country Kenya .

    We will remember you and your work in our daily prayers as you also
    remember us and the work in Kenya in your prayers. Its time for true
    laborers to worship in truth and spirit by showing how faith works with
    actions Please pray for our church and we will be happy to partner with you
    to move the word to the unbleached.It is a great pleasure

    to let you know that I have been to your website and have been so much
    attracted to learn more for our spiritual growth here. Indeed it is good
    work done and you are going to be a blessing to many who have not seen the
    light.through I am a leader of a christian fellowship group that has not
    yet got established to have well defined procedure of church worship.

    We merely meet for praise songs and prayers. It will be indeed wonderful
    for God to get us through to His chosen servants whom to grow spiritually.
    I hope we shall find a place in your heart and from here get to truly
    worship our Lord in the right way and procedure.May God bless you.As am
    waiting to hear from you soon on how we should fellowship together..
    thank you’

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