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  1. UNBELIEVABLE. NOTHING HAPPENING IN YOUR CHURCH? DRINK. THE WORLD JUST CHANGED. If you want more out of life, drink MORE Living Water. Invite friends. Invite churches. Invite nations. Did you know that there are freshwater springs at the last place on earth where you would expect them to be? At the bottom of the Dead Sea. KWAZY. National Geographic is a reliable source.  https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/article/110928-new-life-dead-sea-bacteria-underwater-craters-science

  2. Every morning after the wife leaves ahead of me for work, I do some some stretches, then walk around inside my house praying out loud. I walk barefoot because I feel my prayer time is holy ground time. Then I open the Word and read aloud whatever passages or psalms He puts in front of me. If I’m prodded by the Spirit, whatever I read turns into declarations and/or decrees to release the will of God into the worked according to his timing.

    Then I go about my business!


    Many times during the day I will pray in the Spirit ‘in between’ things and stay in touch with Him, always listening. This way, there’s no break in our communion. When I get a dream during the night or an inner vision emblazoned on my mind, that’s even better!

  3. My shoes were off already…
    i am starving and thirsting with something from Elohim…
    i BELIEVE that everyone that’s looking and interested of a new dimension of Spiritual gifts is coming…
    Praying for it will bigger than our dreams…
    Want to really enter the secret place…
    So far it’s just dreamscapes…

  4. How can you speak back to front and front to back,take off your shoes you approaching holy ground,before the promise,and rocks between the feet.stop making it sound more complicated than it actually was. Everybody else read it properly what Moses did for God,because God told him.

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