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The Kingship Mantle of Jehu and the Anointing of Jael — 5 Comments

  1. This similar word given on Flashpoint in Ohio by Hank Kunneman. Talking about Jehu and Jael. Also Lance Wallnau have an understanding about it. Yay we are getting there!

  2. Yes, and as part of all this the good LORD had amazon publish my book “they met me not with Bread and Water on the King’s Highway”.
    As my story has not been “received” by those church goers; and I have been shunned and considered an “outcast”, no one ministering to my wounds but the LORD Jesus Christ Himself. Praise Him; it might be an “eye opener” for those like myself who have gone through much trial and tribulation and attending church every Sunday, Sun eve, and Wed eve. But the good LORD has applied the balm of Gilead to my soul now; and I can live victoriously without “needing” from others constantly; or even intermittently. Only God. now.

  3. Attendo, Signore! So che mi dirai la mia posizione sul campo di battaglia. Combatterò con la Tua forza!
    Ti aspetto da tanto tempo…non posso morire adesso! Siamo stati preservati con uno scopo e io voglio vederti tornare mio Signore Gesù Cristo!!!

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “I await, Lord! I know you will tell me my position on the battlefield. I will fight with Your strength!
    I’ve been waiting for you for a long time…I can’t die now! We were preserved with a purpose and I want to see you back my Lord Jesus Christ!!!” ]

  4. Yes!Remnant is rising !
    Fear not!  For A Remnant is rising that will be as the violent, who will take The Kingdom by force!Amen!

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