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  1. Amen. I feel this is about Canada. The only Nation with a leaf as the heart of her flag. A nation standing United for the oppressed. A pouring of love and uniting the nations. I pray our fathers covering is the freedom fighters and their support. To rise as the healers if it is his will!

  2. I just had to comment on this word. I was praying this exact word this morning in my prayer time with the Lord as I remember previous prophetic words over Canada about the leaves of the nation (our maple leaf) will be for the healing of the nations and missionaries sent forth from our shores”.. I heard this word years ago and have always remembered it. I have started recently praying this over Canada again. I looked up in Google to try to find other prophetic words over Canada with respect to the leaves and healing of the nations as part of Canada’s destiny and I found this prophetic word and would like to share same with you. I believe your dream may be about Canada? I submit for your consideration:



    As I was praying for the nation of Canada, I felt like the Lord gave me a couple of keys from two scriptures. I would like to read those scriptures. One is from Micah 5:12
    “But as for you, Canada, too little to be among the superpowers of the world, from you, the Lord will go forth to extend His rulership in the nations
    And I saw the Canadian flag blowing in the wind. And I felt like the Lord said, “Do you see that leaf on the Canadian flag and do you see it blowing in the wind of my Spirit? For the DIVINE DESTINY OF CANADA is to be a LEAF OF HEALING FOR THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD, and as I blow upon this nation by my Spirit, I will raise up Canadians and I will raise up the church of Canada to be a leaf of healing for the world, and I have sent many Canadians all over the world and they have brought healing, they have brought mercy, they have brought the rulership and the dominion of My Spirit to the nations of the world and this is part of Canada’s Divine Destiny”. Not only does He take Canadians and send them into the far corners of the earth, but He brings the far corners of the earth to Canada, and He brings many nations to this nation, for we are to be a leaf of healing to the nations whether in this nation or others.

    But, I also feel this, that the Lord HATES DIVORCE. Of the seven things the Lord hates, one of the things that He hates is, HE HATES THOSE WHO SOW DISCORD AMONG THE BRETHREN and the NEMESIS of Canada is also that it is wrought with DIVISION FROM WITHIN and the enemy has come to divide so that as he strikes the shepherd, sheep will scatter so that the Canadian church cannot happen.

    The Lord gave me another scripture out of Revelations 2:26 and 27:
    “Nevertheless, what you have, hold fast until I come. And he who overcomes, and he who keeps my deeds until the end, to him I will give AUTHORITY OVER THE NATIONS.”
    And I felt like the Lord said this, that we MUST OVERCOME the SPIRIT OF DIVISION that continues to plague us as a nation, and so, Lord, I right now pray that YOU WOULD GIVE US THE SPIRIT OF WISDOM AND REVELATION IN HOW TO OVERCOME THE DIVISION FROM WITHIN.I pray, Lord Jesus, that You would have authority and that you would have dominion from sea to sea, BUT ESPECIALLY IN OUR HEARTS. O GOD, that we would walk out of a prophetic call, knowing what our destiny is and working to bless the nations of the world.

    And yet at the same time, there is this warning: We will never overcome the spirit of division by welcoming COMPROMISE. We, as the church of Canada, say NO to compromise because compromise will never bring true and lasting peace. NO to compromise and YES to the call of God on this nation. And that we will overcome division but we will do it by the SPIRIT OF GOD because our weapons are not carnal but mighty through God to the bringing down of strongholds.

    So Lord this day we humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God. We will overcome, Lord, not with weapons that are carnal but mighty through God in the pulling down of strongholds and we humble ourselves, and we seek your face today and we ask God that you would give us authority in the nations, an authority over the demonic principalities of this nation so that we could fulfill the DIVINE CALL that You have given to us. In Jesus Name.


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    • Amen! In a brief vision I saw a golden leaf turning slowly in a clockwise direction. It was a fern leaf and represented the turning of a leaf, the healing of the nation, and many seeds will come out of it. God is about to turn the leaf!

  3. I was reading this verse one time and I got this amazing picture in my head of the thrown set up in my chest and the water flowing out of my belly being the river that came from under the thrown and the 2 trees of life on each side of the river, I put my arms up with my hands spread wide and it matched the trees of life and the hands of the believers were for the healing of the nations and our hands bear fruit every month. It was a really cool way to read the passage and I’ve never forgotten it.

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