Led by the Spirit of God


Why would anyone not want to be led of the Spirit?  Just why is it, that many choose to follow after something else?

I read something again last evening that I would like to share.  I hear this profound writer of sacred text admit some startling things about himself.  He stated clearly, “For I know that in me (that is, my flesh,) dwelleth no good things….”   Romans 7:18.

This is where he reaches a level of honesty that some of us, cannot be open about.  All of us know that after receiving the Holy Spirit, we are a new creature in Christ Jesus; but sometimes, old things, can come back.

This man, shared his testimony, about how he operated when he was in the flesh.  The good things he wanted to do, he didn’t do.  The evil things he did not want to do, that’s what he did instead.  Anybody, can walk in the flesh; we were born that way; there is no real choice about that.  But to walk and live in the Spirit, is a choice; and it’s a choice that must be made all along the way.

It makes sense, that first you must seek to have the Spirit and to stay full of the Spirit.  It’s a constant renewal and it takes a strong desire to follow after the Spirit; not to live by the rules of the flesh.  There is a continuous battle with the flesh; in short, wanting everything my way.

Here is one reason why I don’t understand today, those who don’t truly seek to follow the leading of the Spirit.  This writer said, “They that are in the flesh, cannot please God.”  So, to run after your own ideas, your own program, or to please someone else, is not pleasing to God.  It’s really that simple.

If I sincerely want to follow the Spirit, I am not going to seek my own way and lean to my own understanding.  I won’t seek to follow after what others might be doing; to copy what’s most popular; and I certainly won’t seek to promote my own self.  Notice, how the word self keep trying to pop up here.  Self, is not pleasing to God.  Self is carnal; not spiritual.

The Word also says here, that the Spirit also helps our infirmities.  There is something we taught years back that made a true difference in people.  You don’t have to be the best speaker, the greatest singer, or the very best musician.  Whatever you may lack, the Spirit, will make up the difference; if, you truly desire to follow Him and do His will.

Does anyone else realize that the Spirit loves to guide people?  He loves to teach those who really want to learn and to follow Him.  I must ask again; why in the world, would anyone want to follow anything else?  It just might be that too many want to lead; and few want to follow.  And it could be about where our heart is.

I don’t care who you are, where you come from or what your pedigree or lack of one is.  The Holy Ghost will teach any person how to follow; He will lead you and guide you, every step of the way.  The more you seek to truly follow the Spirit, the more He will show you, and it gets easier as you go along.  It becomes a part of you.  The more you do it, the more acute you become at it; and the greater joy you get out of following after Him.

In the early days here, God taught unlearned, uneducated, unpolished and even those from the backwoods, how to follow Him; and they did it; everywhere.  If you want to be approved of God, follow the Spirit.  And keep doing so.  We will never out demonstrate the Holy Ghost.  Mere flesh, never could.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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