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  1. I thank you Lord Jesus.  Come into my life and do as you please.  Thank you for all of your benefits.  I receive from you all you have for me and my family.  Thank you Veronica for your obedient heart to post this awesome Word!!!

  2. Thank you Lord, I do hear YOU, and want to give all of me to You.  I wish to hear your voice again, just as I did long ago.  Help me, I pray.  God is our Refuge and Strength, a very help in time of trouble, in time of need.

  3. So Gracious and generous. Let’s fellowship continually my trinity family! Come in and stay and all is open to you! Conform me to Christ in joy. Thank you Veronika

  4. Amen and Amen! Thy Will be done! WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME!
    In a way that is beyond my understanding! Thank You for Your Presence!
    We also thank our sister, that she has ears to hear You!
    And sharing your Word with us!

  5. Lavish me Father, hold nothing back.
    I give You permission to take complete possession and pour Your Goodness into every area of my life…Yes and Thank You! :)

  6. I hear you Lord and I will come to you. Thank you for your love, mercy, grace and long suffering, towards me!

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