Let the Spirit of Intercession prevail


Let the Spirit of Intercession prevail over U.S. President Barack Obama according to the Word of The Lord.

Father God, I come before You this night on behalf of this great nation.  You have established and ordained in this world.  You are the only One Who raises up and tears down kings according to Your purpose and will.

Lord, I stand as an intercessor this night to stand in the gap and make up the hedge over President Obama.

Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, I come against the wooing, lying spirits of darkness that have been assigned to guide his thoughts and intents of his heart.  The spirits of divination and domination that are feeding and driving him to seek out uncommon acts of greed against the better good for this nation, I speak against you now and take the authority of the name of Jesus given me and bind your actions now in the name of Jesus, and I drive you out of his mind and heart.

Devil you are a liar and the father of it and I take dominion over you and all your evil principalities and powers, even the rulers of wickedness in high places, and I bring you and all your evil schemes to naught from this day forward.

President Obama, I command you to hear the Word of the Lord who made men’s mouths, and from this day forward, every time you attempt to utter a word contrary to the will of God for this nation, I declare your tongue shall cleave to the roof of your mouth and you shall not speak a word until the season to speak has come.

Your sinister mind is bound in the name of Jesus and I declare the Will and Word of God Almighty to come forth out of your mouth, even to the point you yourself shall stand in wonder and amazement.

The Word of the Lord is a sure Word.  If God can cause a donkey to speak, He surely Who made yours can cause you to understand He is God and no other power can stand before Him.  The remaining months you have left in office shall be turned into a time of restoration to repair the breach you have caused in the foundation of this nation.

The called prophets of God in this land have been crying as a voice in the wilderness for God to restore this nation and their voices shall not be silenced nor their burdens left fettered.

You have been brought in as a wolf in sheep’s clothing but God is not mocked and even as the hand appeared on the wall in the days of Belshazzar and declared he had been weighed in the balance and found wanting, so shall it be at this time for you because you have defied the God above all gods, and the Lord above all lords with your arrogance and pride.

Father God let these words go forth and not return unto You void, in the name of Jesus.


~ Jeanne Hibbard Bowen

Jeanne Hibbard BowenJeanne Hibbard Bowen




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