Let us Pray

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A Declaration Against the Enemy

O God, to whom vengeance belongeth, show thyself mighty and strong to heal to deliver and to set free those that have been bound, coiled around an trapped by the enemy, that serpentine spirit.

Father, I declare the words from your mouth are a fire consuming of every thing that is not of You, from around Your children in Jesus’ Name.

Let every power, contending with their destinies and troubling their Israel, be utterly destroyed in Jesus’ Name.

Remember Lord Your Word of which You Abba, have caused them to hope.

I declare that their times are in Your hands and that nothing shall be able to successfully oppose or hinder or frustrate Your will, plan and purpose concerning them in Jesus’ Name.

Lord, silence every lip and tongue, silence their accuser.  Holy Ghost, catch a fire and burn up every accusation scroll and demonic verdict and sanction made against your people.

In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, Yeshua, the risen Messiah, we anoint demonic agents fighting against our destinies to kill themselves and to be aborted from their diabolical missions, in Jesus’ Name.

Have they not known that the Lord our God is God?  JEHOVAH IS HIS NAME!

He is the Rock of Ages, the solid Rock on which we stand.  He is the Lord of Hosts and He reigns Supreme halleluYAH.

Holy Ghost – Take Control!

My Father, My God Jehovah, I appeal on behalf of Your children in this place.  HalleluYah!

Let every arrow and dart shot out against them, against their stars and glory now backfire.

Be thou returned to the heart of the sender, never to come back again, in Jesus’ Name.

Let their be powerful Testimonies in this place.

We are weak but thou art strong.

Holy Ghost, we invoke and invite you to take precedence and preeminence in our lives and homes, work places, marriages, relationships, ministries, businesses, our children in Jesus’ Name.

Yes Lord, HalleluYAH, let it be so Mighty God.  HalleluYAH, your glory Lord, Your glory halleluYah

Lord we refuse to disregard divine orders, instructions and commands pertaining to our lives and destinies in You in Jesus Christ name.

Open our ears to hear YOUR VOICE, empty us completely of self and fill us with You O Holy One.

Give us wisdom, knowledge and understanding and lead us along the paths of righteousness in Yeshua name.  Amein.

Trouble vs Training

God is not your refuge FROM trouble, but rather your refuge IN trouble.

Some of the greatest battles that you’ll ever face are the ones that rage within.

What you think is TROUBLE is sometimes TRAINING!

Learn from those experiences that you’re being trained to be not only a WARRIOR but a WORSHIPPER!  O halleluyah!

Let us Pray

Heavenly Father,

Open my mind.  Teach me that which I do not know.  I am listening, and ready to learn.

I’m letting go of who I am in order to become who YOU want me to be.

My defenses are down, my alertness is up.  I am open and ready to grow!

By the blood of Yeshua that ransomed me, I block every demonic reaction and retaliation against me in the name of Jesus!

I declare that I am secured in the Blood!

Every spiritual, diabolical, physical, social, interpersonal, psychological, financial, emotional, organizational weapon formed, fashioned, constructed or designed against me, my family is destroyed, they can never prosper by virtue of the spoken word.

Father I thank you, it is so.


~ Syreeta Thomas

Syreeta ThomasSyreeta Thomas



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Let us Pray — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks Syreeta for this Powerful Prayer, I was lifted in my spirit this morning as I pray this Prayer.

  2. SYREETA I thank you..so much has happened and i have lost much. I have asked for forgiveness and forgave. I am praying for calling confirmation & breakthrough in all circumstances in my life. Its been a long road and in so tired. I will keep pressing.  I want God to show me, speak, visions and dreams.  Please keep me in prayer. I want to do more…GOD BLESS

  3. Thank you Father God,
    I am so grateful for your forgiveness Lord, thank you for releasing All strong holds against me and my family and spirits not of you Christ Jesus that are not Holy Lord. Cleanse us from the top of our heads to the tippy toes, when we wake, yes Lord it’s a new day, we are a new creature in you Lord. Praise God! Whole, healed, healthy, Grateful, unconditional love to everyone, abundantly wealthy in your Love Lord. Ready to serve and know you more and more, Christ minded. I love you Lord, Jesus!!! Jahovah, The great I Am.
    I surrender to you my Lord! I am not worthy of your love, mercy or grace, Father God, I thank you for loving me so much. Thank you for dying on the cross, and rising again on the third day. Thank you Lord that I could have a comforter, the Holy Spirit. I love the Holy Spirit so much, thank you! Thank you for the opportunity fir these prayers with this wonderful blessed woman of God. Bless her Lord, Bless her ABUNDANTLY FATHER GOD!
    Thank you Lord, in The name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    Amen and Amen