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Lightening Shooting From the Sky, a Divine Intervention — 7 Comments

  1. This deal in Ukraine is not as it seems….Russia is on Gods side.  Ukraine is world hub for human trafficking, drugs, money laundering and so many evil dealings….be patient…God is at work and never never believe the media reports….they are much part of the evil

  2. ‘Some Kind of Lightning Shooting from the Sky’: Ukrainians Tell Stories of Divine Intervention from the Battlefield

    Article on CBN from yesterday! Amazing! God is speaking!

  3. Weather patterns, restricted Russian airspace playing havoc on global flights.

    This is the headline on Fox News Weather website today 3/4/22


  4. God will chose whom he pleases for whatever purposes are needed to fulfill God written word. Putin is evil but, God will defeat him. The Ukrain people have done nothing to cause harm tom Putin or Russia. God will get the glory for final destruction of Putin, not man . As ugly as things seem to be victory for Ukraine will come.

  5. This is an answer to my prayers as well. I sought God’s will and this is exactly what I was led to pray about. I have commented elsewhere that IF Putin is any kind of vessel God is using – he should not be held up as Godly. God hardened Pharaoh’s heard but he is not held up as a Godly and anointed man. We must understand this and not praise Putin – as we would not praise Pharaoh. I pray God is with the Ukrainians. But I also lift up the Russians, as so many are young and did not know they would have to go and kill civilians. Watch the middle classes. Historically they are the ones who begin rebellions against their governments. Putin has stopped them leaving Russia (if they even can do), with more than $10,000. Russia has a habit of overthrowing regimes. Martial law or not, watch the middle classes.

    • Your post could more easily be understood to be talking about the USA when it comes to overthrowing regimes. Since the breakup of the Soviet Union I am not aware of one nation Russia has overthrown but can point to half a dozen the US has. You should stop allowing CNN to be your source of information. Nothing you said in your comment is accurate. Putin is no angel, that is true, but he is much more in tune with GOD’s will than the imposter sitting as US President. Further, there is ample evidence Russia is taking pains to NOT kill civilians and is even trying hard to not kill Ukrainian soldiers that are not part of the Nazi regime in Kiev. Putins stated goal is to throw out the illegitimate regime in Kiev (installed by Soros/CIA color revolution in 2014) and destroy the nazi paramilitaries. Unless you wish to argue that GOD is all for Nazis and illegitimate governments then I would counsel to be more careful with some of your accusations. Have you studied what the Azov battalion is? Do you know what they have been doing in the Donbas since 2014? Do you know how many civilians they killed and how indiscriminate they are in these killings? I bet you don’t know anything about it because the US media doesn’t want to talk about it. Wonder why? Maybe more research would be helpful. You probably also did not know that Putin is incredibly popular in Russian, I am not surprised.

      • God is sovereign and is Lord over all. He alone knows what is really going on and what is in the hearts and minds of all involved. He will have His way regardless. I was reminded of the book of Job and what the Lord Almighty says to him at the end. We either believe He has a divine plan and it will work in the end according to His will and purpose, or we don’t. The question being do we trust in the Lord and lean not on our own understanding or do we look around us at events and think we know ourselves what the truth is? I say this not to offend but I felt it was on my heart to say this to you.

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