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I have been talking real heavy to ABBA this morning, because there is a strong irritation that I have been feeling concerning some things that seem so dysfunctional among the Body of Christ!

This morning, ABBA visited me with new tongues interceding and birthing forth!

So much that is so out of spiritual and natural order that is causing chaos and much confusion right now.

A lot of the dysfunction has come about because as leaders, we have not boldly confronted the behavior of those who are producing error, discord and much confusion.

We are allowing the enemy to have to much control and it’s time to put our foot down!

One thing that is certainly prevalent is the DISHONOR OF SONSHIP toward YAHWEH and Spiritual Leadership.

There is a lack of honor toward YAH and those whom He has placed as Leaders among the Believers of Christ.

The lack of accountability with YAH is so widespread.

Many are dishonoring His headship in their lives by living the standards of the world producing the fruits of sin and displaying the character of unrighteousness.

The people are acting ungodly and committing acts that are contrary to holiness and calling evil good and then preaching and teaching that YAH’s grace will allow them to practice and live sinful and be covered while doing it.

The grace of YAH is not there for us to continue in sin, but to cover us as we work out our salvation.

The dishonor toward leadership has grown because of the leaders who are walking in rebellion against the ways and word of YAH, but yet their gifts still operate and results are produced.

This gives a false impression of the standards of holiness that are making people think that it’s alright to live ungodly and to preach.

The men and women YAH uses may not be perfect, but they are not intentionally living sinful lives, but striving to get themselves together, as they recognize that they have been chosen to lead YAH’s people.

So many leaders who are walking in certain titles, are stepping out, leaving jobs and expecting people to take care of them.

Going into full time Ministry does not mean that now I get to sit at home and wait for the people to pay my bills.

I know that YAH is full of wisdom and that He is not calling you off your job or having you to just sit at home, waiting on money to come.

In ignorance, many have caused themselves and their families to suffer, because they made a decision out of lack of knowledge or greed.

I’m seeing families homeless, starving and broken, because the provider of the family decided in their flesh that they didn’t want to work anymore!

When the disciples were with YESHUA, you saw were they were yet working.  Many times they were fishing or doing their crafts to help finance the ministry.

Why do you think JESHUA had a treasurer?  Because even He knew that finances were needful.

Even though He was the Son of YAH, He showed His disciples a principle in ministry.

Too many persons are angry, bitter and upset because they are looking for other people to take care of them!

I’m also noticing an increase of people who are depending on their leader, or on a ministry to take care of them.

It is a growing problem now, with people looking out for a leader or a ministry to provide for their household!

We are to show you how to create an economic system of survival, for you and your family, and even, your ministry.

This thing, where people are expecting leaders to take care of them, is getting out of hand.

They want you to provide for them, while they sit at home, or those who say YAH called them off their job, look for their leader and the people to take care of them their family and their ministry!

This is NOT what we are to teach you!

I’m finding, when I tell people they need a JOB or a provisional source of income, that they will become angry, they will disconnect and go out and attack your character.

I also notice that these same persons never have helped anyone else, have never sown into the leader or ministry they want to reap from, or they are not accountable or dedicated.

It’s sad when there’s more going out the ministry then coming in!

One thing YAH said to me is that its not good stewardship or wisdom, if you are constantly pouring out and nothing is coming in.

He said,  “You are depleting all the resources I AM giving you and pouring into unproductive vessels who are just looking for a easy way to live off of others.”

He said,  “Teach the principles of sowing and reaping and giving.”

He said,  “You’re not being a good steward over the finances, when you don’t have a way to have a continual flow of economic resources, so that the ministry does not lack.”

Today I’m putting that into a greater action.  I have learned that there are persons who are only with us, to pull from us.

Another thing I’m watching, is people claiming another person’s spouse.

There is a great problem now of people thinking that a married person, is really theirs!

People are get attracted to the anointing on a person’s life and beginning to form an imaginary attraction to that person.

Often, if that person is dealing with issues, they will engage in a affair with that person, saying and doing what is necessary to continue the affair.

They promise these persons that they are going to leave their spouse for them, when in reality ,they not going anywhere.

This creates a false hope in the person, causing them to think that they are about to have a life with somebody who was really only playing with their emotions.

Most of them, especially in ministry, are not going to lose what they have built by divorcing their spouse to start over.

They will keep who they have and have you as the side piece forever, if you let them.

Hear me good!  YAH is not having you daydream of a married person or praying that somebody’s marriage breaks up or their spouse dies, so you can have them.

Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge,  (Hebrew 13:4).

Today I’m in special prayer concerning the spirit of discord and lack of love.

There’s so much separation among the people and we are not able to fully accomplish the will of YAH, because we can’t humble ourselves and work together.

I’m talking to ABBA today, because so much is taking place.

The lack of love being displayed can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you know what the impact of love and unity can do.

I’m learning how to stand strong and continue to seek YAH for those in leadership who are not immature, insecure or intimidated, so that we can work together to accomplish so much more in the earth for YAHWEH.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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  1. Your work is commendable. How I wish you plan to come to us and help us grow in the Lord. I am also willing to come to your school of prophecy for mentorship and impartation. Kindly consider my request favorably.
    Pastor Idaya