Longsuffering — 3 Comments

    GOD woke me up around 2 am tonight and gave a clear prophetic dream and warning for the world and for Christians:I saw the church of Nantes, exactly that Cathedral that burned 3 days ago in France. On top of each of the towers were big golden trumpets. Then through an earth rumbling the walls started crumbling down. The church then split in the middle, I saw the foundation inside, deep on the ground, a huge reddish stone. He moved out, started to roll all over the world. People screamed and ran in panic. What the LORD wants to tell: It happens very soon. All inhabitants of the earth should REPENT, that they may escape.

  2. My brother, that’s true. GOD gave me in His Word that He has “something to do”, a special reason to wait until He judges in full blow. His arm, His hand already is outstreched. Time is truly running out until there will be no more delay. He says: KINGS WILL STAND UP AND SEE, AND LEADERS WILL BOW DOWN, WHEN THEY SEE THE HAND OF THE LORD, WHAT HE WILL DO ON YOUR (and my) BEHALF. I have not much time to google that Holy Scripture, I am writing this on phone. Blessings, abundant blessings over you and all who comforted me during all those years. I prayed for each of you by name.

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