Look and See!


“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth,”   2 Timothy 2:15, KJV.

My child, I tell you to search the Scriptures and you will find nuggets of gold that are worth more than any earthly currency.  The currency of My Kingdom is faith.  As you mine My Word, you will strike veins of glory that will feed your faith causing it to blossom and produce great fruit.

Look deeply into My Word and you will begin to see Me as I really am.  For truly, I AM meek and humble.  But I AM also powerful, victorious, unshakeable, and undefeatable.

Read My Word and see me as Isaiah saw Me: high, lifted up, and clothed in glory.  See the Son seated at My right hand exalted high.  See the completed work of the Cross set the captives free, healing the sick, raising the dead, cleansing the lepers, and driving out demons.  See every knee bowing down at the Name of the Son, on earth, under the earth, and in the farthest heavens.

Look again and see My Bride arising from her slumber, shaking off the chains of religion, and fully taking her place as My Beloved One.  Look and see the overcomers rise up with their faces set like flint no longer trying to compromise with the culture of corruption.  Look and see hearts set on fire as they return to their first love.  Look and see how My Kingdom comes through My loyal vessels as they go about doing the greater works.

As you study My Word asking the Holy Spirit to enlighten your human spirit to know Me, you will begin to reflect more of My image within and through your vessel.  I AM rising up in great might and power in the vessels who have hungered and thirsted for more of Me.  These are not concerned about what they can get from Me, but they desire My heart above all things — to know Me as I desire to be known.

All things are possible, My dear one, to those who trust Me with the totality of their beings.  Abide in Me and I will show you wonders you have not even imagined.  Come!  Look again and again.  There is much I want to reveal and release to you.  Receive My blessings as I give you the ability to receive greater revelation of Myself.  Each day will bring new wonders. Shalom.

“Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes,””   Mark 9:23, NKJV.

Scriptural References:
Song of Songs 2:10-13;  Isaiah 6:1-4;  Matthew 10:7-8; 15:28; 19:26;  Mark 10:27;  Luke 4:17-19; 7:9;  John 5:39; 14:12; 15:1-5;  Acts 6:8; 13:22; 17:11;  Romans 4:11; 8:29-30;  Ephesians 1:17-19;  Philippians 2:10-11; 3:12-14;  Revelation 2:4, 7


~ Mary B. Dovie
“In God We Trust”
“Let God Arise & Let His enemies be scattered!”

Mary B. Dovie imageMary B. Dovie is an ordained minister of the Gospel under the covering of Joy Christian Church and Gideon Christian Fellowship in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She operates under a prophetic and teaching anointing.  Mary is married to her high school sweetheart, Paul; they live in Theodore, Alabama.  Their family includes son Anthony, who serves in the US Army, as well as their son Matthew, his wife, Jennifer, and daughters, Amelia and Stella.

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