Look Up – your help has arrived


The enemy thought he had you ambushed, cornered in on every side, but as you begin to look up.  You saw your help coming.  “It has arrived!”

The plans of the enemy to sabotage you in his trap will now come back upon his own head.  For the very weapons he was using on you will now have a boomerang effect.  He will fall upon his own sword!

The plans he had to destroy you, he will now reap his harvest, saith the Lord the Mighty One.  For I have arrived in this battle and who will be able to stand against me and my purposes, saith the Lord, the Mighty One?

I have spoken to you and caused you to hear My voice but now thine eye shall see me.  I shall cause thee to rise as my glory is seen upon thee I declare victory to thee this day, for I have spoken unto you saying, “I always cause you to triumph” through and by Me.  I fail not and not one of My words will fall to the ground!

Now go forth this day and ye shall reap your just rewards from me, have not I spoken that I come quickly and My reward is with Me?

Yes most assuredly I have rewards for the wicked ones as well, all those that have plotted against thee, they shall fall because of thee, saith the Lord God, the Mighty One the Almighty!  Only with thine eyes shall ye see and behold the rewards of the wicked!

You have heard Me by the hearing of thine ear now thine eyes will see me as I perform all that I have spoken unto thee.  For I will cause thine enemies to bow before thee and surely they shall know that I have loved thee, for they shall know this day that I alone uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

All that were incensed against thee shall be confounded and brought to shame, all those that sought thy hurt, they shall come to nothing, a thing of nought, for I the Lord, the Mighty One, the Almighty hath spoken it, and I will perform it saith the Lord!

Rejoice in thy portion My chosen ones, thy double has come!


~ Kimberly Fuller

Kimberly FullerKimberly Fuller




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