I had to confess to the Holy Ghost, that I felt some real fear, over the topic I have been moved to speak about now.  You see, I know what happened back down the road, when I dared to speak out.  I did not know any better; I thought everyone was seeking the truth; they said they had it.  I was sure that we could always learn more and grow, as the Spirit revealed more of Himself to us.  I had run from my calling for a long time; after a terrible road of the prodigal, I returned and began to seek the Spirit.

I had heard a minister make a reference to the things he preached and told, “his sheep.”  I remember thinking, what kind of talk is this.  I had grown up in that circle, and I thought we should have grown beyond that in the latter time.  I was very careful how I said things then; I was not a harsh or confrontational man.  I’d already seen enough of that too.  But I thought, that if people loved the truth like they said they did, they’d appreciate the truth.  I made a serious mistake.  I dared to speak out what I felt the Holy Ghost had shown me; after much prayer, fasting and intense study of the Word.

Before we go any further with this, why don’t we define the word “lord.”  The KJV was written in the old English; where this title, was a very common one.  To “lord,” means to insist upon, or boast about, so as to act in a very dominating or superior manner.  Another interpretation, says they should not be arrogant, dictatorial or overbearing persons.  In a less than wise way, I mentioned, that it was not their sheep; it wasn’t even their pasture.  It cost me.  I had to ask myself, how did things mutate into such a system?  How was it that one person, could suppress the other called members, of the five-fold ministry, that God put in the church?  Who promoted this error?

God put a checks and balances operation, into the Church of Jesus Christ.  And it was totally out of order, to render the Saints powerless, with no true authority and no say, in the Body of Christ.  Politics and Fellowship rules and regulations, allowed those with control issues, to prosper and to take over things of God, that did not belong to them.  Apostle Peter, was actually exhorting the elders who were overseers of the flock, on how they should act.  He declared, that the “Chief Shepherd,” would arrive one day.  The Spirit, began to speak to me, through Ezekiel and Jeremiah.  It changed me.

To the naysayers and scoffers, I wish to say a word.  I have had some of the most wonderful, dedicated, humble and wise pastors, in my life.  I loved them dearly; I was loyal to them, not because of their title or positions, but because they were examples to us of what a leader ought to be.  It was the way they treated and loved their people; their meekness and humility.  That is how I truly knew, they were men of God.

No real saint of God, is required to follow anyone, who doesn’t show forth the actual fruit of the Spirit and does not do everything they can, to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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