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Ever so often, we need to go back to the Old part of the Book, and read up on some things.  There was a time when God repented, that He had even made man.  Wickedness, was so bad upon the earth, and God said, men’s imaginations and heart, are full of nothing but evil.  He was even going to destroy all of the animals He had created also; He was simply over it.  We like to look back at this part of the story, and talk about how beautiful the rainbow is; but, not why the rains even came then.

Compassion: When you have time, go through a good reference, and note just how many times that word is used in the Old Testament.  How many times, did God have compassion upon the people He created; even upon His own special ones.  No matter what He did for them, no matter just how many times He delivered them, fought for them and did marvelous works and wonders for them and their children, they complained; they turned their backs on Him, and followed and worshipped other gods.  Can you count the times, He forgave them, turned back His anger, and then had compassion.

How much compassion, did Jesus Christ have in the New Testament.  Our Lord, had real compassion, on the blind, the lepers, the hungry, the families of the dead and all those He taught.  He was moved with it; just couldn’t help it.  When He saw people in such need, it just came out of Him; naturally. The man we call the Good Samaritan, had compassion on the robbed and wounded man, when others who called themselves holy, didn’t.  After all that, the apostles tried to teach the church, that they must show forth the Spirit that Jesus had illustrated. Be courteous, show pity and be tender.

We can’t fake compassion; we either have it, or we don’t.  Because people who are truly compassionate, have to do something; they just can’t be cold.

Many of us say we want to make a difference in this world.  But we won’t, without real love.  Because it means, we still care for people, even when they don’t care for us, or, we won’t get anything out of it personally.  It also means, continuing to care, when others have become cold and indifferent.  Some of us think we have been so good, God did not need to have true compassion on us; we never did anything really so bad; we’re wonderful.

Those who can’t be moved by the feelings and infirmities of others, have no compassion.  It’s been repeated lately, that one sign of the times we are in, is people being lovers of themselves.  We’ve often like to throw that old verse at folk, that says, you reap what you sow.  Withhold compassion from those who truly need it, and the same will be done to you; that was written.  Waxing cold, is not what we want today; not if we ever need help from any other person.  I don’t know what I would have done, if people had not had compassion on me.  Where would I be, if God had not changed His mind.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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