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May 2020 — God is Going to Extend His Grace — 2 Comments

  1. Apostle Geraldine Fisher is very anointed and power walking in her calling she teaches with authority and speaks with power the truth as it is written in the Bibiloso filled with the Ruach Ha’Qdesh ( Set-Apart-Spirit ) in the World but not of it bold doodler for ( YAHUAH ) and his Son YAHUSHA ! Well trained with in the Prophetic has many dreams and visions I truly enjoy and Love her and her mantle that she carries she tears down and builds up I pray the Father keep her on the front lines this battle is fierce but she’s well equipped to handle whatever comes her way keep her health, and strength and most of all keep her Love she echos to others in ( YAHUSHA HA’MASIACH mighty matchless name Ahmein ♥️

  2. Yesssssssssss….beuuuuuuuutiful…love it! This is phenomenal. May your will be done Heavenly Father. Thank you mighty woman of God. God bless.

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