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America – Repent!

AMERICA:   You have called the messengers of Jehovah, liars, who do not know what they are saying, but soon the real liars will be exposed.  Those who have said,  “Oh nothing can happen because the LORD is on our side….”

Brothers and sisters, the LORD says,  “Turn to Me, turn to Me, turn to Me now, because the trouble draws nigh.  Listen to My prophets and you will live.”

I am pleading for mercy and staying on the wall.  Where are the real children of Yahweh who truly hear His voice and follow it?

Many who call themselves great church leaders in AMERICA will also be caught up by surprise, because they have no idea what’s coming……  and yet they reject prophecies calling them, ‘and Old Testament affair’.

Oh America, repent, because Jehovah loves you and wants to save you.

Do not take His mercy for granted.

Europe: GO back to the LORD!

I cry, for the whole word now to just GO back to the LORD-YAHWEH.

Distress is going to increase and men will wish they had said,”YES” to Jesus. The  sin of many nations is begging God for His wrath.

Europe:   God is calling for your urgent repentance.

I see trouble coming to some very key nations in Europe.  One of them is France.

Can we help them to pray so that the Holy Spirit can convict them to repentance, because it is not well for France.

There is serious trouble about to happen, but the only plea is the Blood of Jesus.

France must repent for rejecting Jesus Christ and for Sexual sin.  We can plead for their mercy in one accord and pray that the mercy of God will abound even more now.

A Call to Acceptance!

Maranatha, my sweet Jesus is coming so soon.

The LORD has been speaking to me about global events which are  about to happen all day today.

We need to stay ready.  I have much to share but I will just say the whole world is going to go through painful birth-pangs (very distressful events) as we get closer to the glorious day of the LORD.

I Love you Yeshua, for reminding us how close you are.  The only way out for you and I is to repent and wait in absolute holiness.

If they have branded you a sinner, a man undeserving of God’s mercy, just take it from me that it is a lie.

Jesus is waiting for you to say ‘YES’ to Him and ask for forgiveness of all your sins and He will take you back just as you are.  The Blood of Jesus speaks for you.

He saved a wretch like me, He can save you too today if you just say that you believe He died and is the risen son of God who came in the flesh just to save all men (including you) from sin.

Do Not be Left in Regret!

Past few days, I  have been seeing 666 everywhere I turn, and as a prophet, I can know God speaks to us through numbers.  (Just the same way, He is showing me 1111).

We are in the evil days which have been prophesied and soon Jesus Christ is coming for the ones who are waiting for Him in holiness.

This means, there is a big big crowd of Christians who will be left behind (Revelation 7) and those the Antichrist will want to mark with the number of the beast.  But some will escape it through pain and great anguish.

I don’t know which side you are, but better know that this is not a MAYBE word.

It is a SURE coming to pass soon word.

Even if you skip it, it is soon coming to pass.  I hope you will not be amongst those who will be in regret.

More 2016 Exposures Coming!

Prophetic Alert:  Watch out as Jehovah exposes these five things in this last quarter of the year (2016).

  1. Lies from the pulpit:   You have lied for far too long about many things amongst them:prophecies in the name of the LORD,Encounters and use of magical powers to influence the flock.
  2. Sexual sin:   You have been hiding under the covers doing some filthy stuff yet you head straight to the pulpit without any remorse.
  3. Misuse of Church Funds:   Using the money to run their own businesses and build their own empires.
  4. Racist servants:   Those whose hearts have been darkened by color issues.
  5. Doctrinal Errors:   The ones who are preaching inherited doctrines which have misled many especially religious doctrines that center on counterfeit holiness

Some of these events will happen in the churches in the presence of the flock and even feature on the news.

N.B.:  Last Saturday, as we had gathered to pray for Kenya, I felt in my entire being the anger of the LORD towards His misbehaving servants, but the anger came out more sharply as He asked,  “Who touched My Glory?”

I tell you, it is not well with you who have touched on the Glory of the LORD.  He is El-Kannah.  Watch how somethings will unfold.

Jehovah has been speaking, many have rejected His warnings.  Would mercy still triumph over judgement if we refuse to repent?

REPENT, REPENT, REPENT –  The light is going to cut through the darkness like never before.


Esther Hadassah
Revivalist & Apostolic servant of Jesus Christ

Esther HadassahEsther Hadassah is an apostolic minister and an end-time revival preacher.  She has been serving in full time prophetic ministry for the past three years.  The LORD has called her to preach the message of the holiness and repentance and to set the captives free.

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More 2016 Exposures Coming! — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Beautiful Esther Hadassah,
    Thank you.
    Above you wrote that God is showing you 1111.
    Can you please tell me what those numbers represent? 
    I have been seeing them for years.
    Thank you.

  2. I also have been seeing the number 11 I’m not sure what it means but it seems to be popping up way to often to be a coinincedence. Would really like to know more about it.

      • Marie
        Check out this prophetic word on the Elijah List website:
        “A WOW Season of Transition, Shift and Kingdom Alignments”

        Ryan LeStrange, Abingdon, VA