My Child, There Is More to Come!


As I sit and ponder life and what is to come I hear the LORD say:

“My child, there is more to come.  Sit and reach into My Kingdom and take what is yours.

Each of you, I have opened new doors, some of you as you read this you are receiving new revelation.  I AM sowing into each body right now.

Pastors turn and look, new doors are opening before your body.  New revelation and creation are opening upon My Church.

My people, stand before your house and take hold of the new revelation.”


I am seeing different churches, before each church there is a new level of revelation.  I am seeing sanctuaries and there are new doors placed in them.  Some are yellow, orange, red and royal blue.


“People open these doors, for behind them are the paths I have set before you.

The creativity is in many of you.  Open them, open them wide.  Allow My anointing to flow.

There is a fresh new mandate being placed upon the Godhead.  Rise and receive the word He speaks.  For He is your LORD, your God, your commander and chief.

Rise up and hear His words for they are life.

My people, once again I say to you to stand and be firm in the ways I teach.  Open My word, speak My word.  For now is the season upon the earth that I bring forth the new love and revelation.”


I see an African American man.  He is very muscular and strong.  He has a goatee, and a bandanna on his head.  He appears to be in a gang and running down the wrong path.

The LORD is saying, “I created you to be a leader.  A leader in My great army.  The enemy, he swayed you to turn.  He stole from you the life of who I created you to be.  I look to you as you ponder and remember who you wanted to be.

No man has raised the sword against you.  No man has stood before you with honor and integrity.  But I say to you, turn the the hand of the evil one.

Turn for I created you in your mother’s womb.  Doubt no more who you were created to be.  Lay down the weapon of the enemy for I the LORD am calling out.

You know who your are, for you were raised in My House.”


I am seeing your grandmother and she is standing before you with her apron on.  You are a little boy and she is fixing your hair and cleaning you up.  You are leaving for the LORD’s house.

Even now, you know who you are.


“Stand down.  Lay down the enemy’s weapon and turn your eyes to me.  For I AM the one who says you are forgiven, and I chose you!

Now rise My Church people, rise.  For My Body comes into new provision and love.

Now is the season you open your doors.  My love shall prevail.”


~ Deb Zickafoose

Deb Zickafoose imageDeb Zickafoose



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My Child, There Is More to Come! — 2 Comments

  1. I receive these words in the Name of Jesus. God is amazing his love endures forever. These words came at at right time and right season. God bless you. Hallelujah!!!

    • You are truly blessed and loved. Be ready for the new doors are yours. Creativity is being poured out upon your head. Write he says, there is so much inside of you. Write for your heart carries much.