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  1. “Houses of man will not survive in the coming days.”
    Thank you for sharing these words and the vision.

    Thank you!
    This is really a great warning because as soon as man gather together in the same ‘interest’ they will – if they not are trained to walk and obey the Spirit no matter circumstances – quickly without understanding it, come under the influence of human soulish impact.

    This will probably be denied by some with the references to that Jesus said that where two or three are gathered there am I, but the one who obeys God, he has the Father, Son and the Spirit and are therefore ‘two or three ‘ gathered in His Name. If it would not been the truth than it would have been dangerous to be alone with God.

    Peter alone took the step out of the boat and started to walk to Jesus on the water and it was Jesus he reached and it was Jesus not the ‘congregation’ in the boat that lifted him up. A good lesson.

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