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    • A-men Jeba!  I saw these lines: “Your garments are interwoven with GOLD.”  Psalm 45:13, “The King’s daughter is all glorious within; Her clothing is interwoven with gold”. 
      I wanted to comment that this does not speak in some kind of imaginary sense of the word, for one day I discovered it means what is says. 
      I was downtown on a public sidewalk when a lady walked up to me & said she had a special gift & could ‘see’ in the spirit and wanted to know if I would like to know what I looked like to her? 
      She said that everyone around us has a light shining forth, but it is tinted or colored differently depending on who she looks at. 
      Some, she said, were so black she couldn’t see their faces.
      Others, were different shades of colors.  But as she looked at my light, she said it was all white & fluffy, like the summer clouds above, as she glanced up at the cumulus clouds floating by, but that there was something strangely different about my light field. 
      She said it was full of flashes & specks of golden light, unlike anything she had ever seen before! 
      Consider how in spiritual language, our ‘clothing’ or light garment is like a field of light around us, and how it appears in the spirit realm is simply a view of our spiritual makeup.
      Some can see it, but most can’t. 

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