My Testimony of Immediate Healing!


Jesus you are LORD!

I was laying awake, not feeling well, planning on making a doctor’s appointment dealing with hiatal hernia and gall bladder issues.

It was 3:08 a.m. when I looked at the time.

I read a testimony from a very wise woman who has been walking with the LORD for many, many, many years.  In the midst of a trial her and her friends declared “Jesus you are LORD,” over……

So I said, “Let’s do it!  This is warfare!”

I started repeating, “Jesus, you are Lord over my body.”

About the 15th time, the acid reflux went away.

I then shifted and proclaimed,  “Jesus, you are Lord over this hiatal hernia and gall bladder.”

About the 5th or 6th time, I felt a shifting where the hernia is.

Okay, I then went on to say,  “Jesus, you are Lord over other things!”

Lesson learned!

What in your life do you need shifted?

What situation do you need breakthrough?

What in your life is Jesus Lord over?

Thank you my wise friend, you have taught me well.


~ Deb Zickafoose

Deb Zickafoose imageDeb Zickafoose



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My Testimony of Immediate Healing! — 2 Comments

  1. yes – I agree with you – I grabbed the word right away spoke over my body and I was relieved of pain and distress.

    Thanks for sharing words of Wisdom of the Living GOD

  2. sis Deb,
    Thank you! Going to shout out ” Yeshua You are Lord over the situation ..”
    Bless you for your share.