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Nations Being Violently Shaken — God Is Looking for Gold! — 2 Comments

  1. Good Beautiful Day Veronika.
    I had a dream some time back where I was in a building sitting in front of a window in a trance-like state, there were all sorts of women flaunting themselves in front of me trying to entice me to envy them. Suddenly I woke up and just walked away from it. I began to walk through this very large building looking for the door. A man from my past tried to get me to stay, but I could see through his deception. A Peace, SOO beautiful, had now been filling my heart. I made it outside and looked up at the sky where there were black swirling dark “screaming loud” clouds in the sky, i simply knew to speak, not scream, but just speak, “Peace Be Still” 3 times, as I did, the mucky clouds became like drenched mud and fell from the sky, revealing the most beautiful Sunshiny Day I’d ever seen!! The people around me looked at me and then looked up, and as they did they woke up as if from a deep sleep, and they began to rejoice. I believe there are some who are exiting the “Land of Shadows” right now, and will lead many to the Light by the Power of the Spirit. We’ve been extremely humbled, but as a result have found the “Door in the Floor”
    When the sky cleared suddenly 2 men in a hover craft flew down in an instant and hovered in front of me, the wickedness that was blocking the Sun was being released from the “gun-looking thing he held in his hand, I just didn’t care, I had COMPLETE PEACE, I walked away, and then I awoke :)

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