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Navigating Times of Transition — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for your wonderful writing and spending time to help enrich our lives.
    Grace, peace and Love of CHRIST, be with you. May GOD continue to strengthen you.

  2. Oh,incredibile! Meraviglioso! Quante chiare indicazioni per il cambiamento, quante risposte alle mie domande.
    A Dio ogni onore e gloria!
    Grazie♡ Immense benedizioni♡

    [ HKP : “Oh, incredible!  Marvelous!  How many clear indications for change, how many answers to my questions.
    To God all honor and glory!
    Thank you♡ Immense blessings♡” ]

  3. Laura,

    This post is so well written and clear in direction – for the remnant – those who live by faith. As I was reading this, I felt that this post is the birthing of a seminar, or a conference, or teaching series. That’s what hit me as I read this Laura. I encourage you to inquire of the Lord in this. Blessings to you and your husband in ministry.

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