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The Church: A Great Perversion & Purging Coming! — 5 Comments

  1. Almost 10 years ago my ears were opened to hear the enemy demand that I choose. After a few months of this I finally screamed out, “I CHOOSE JESUS CHRIST!!!” I was INSTANTLY stripped naked from the world’s covering before a Holy God and brought into a discipline which was NO JOKE!! The enemy was demanding the soul of my daughter. Having already lost my oldest daughter at the age of 16, I wasn’t about to let that happen. I learned through the BLESSING of discipline that STRICT obedience was the only option, and when I veered to the left or right the consequences were immediate and severe!! I lost everything and everyone!! I threw my wardrobe, my makeup, my jewelry, my “size 3 look at me” body, my job, (so there went my company vehicle),etc. etc. But now, after nearly 10 years, I’ll be off of my ex husband’s sofa and will have a bedroom of my own, I have 3 beautiful grandchildren and an amazing relationship with my daughter, my son….and my ex husband. I’ve been delivered from everything He’s not, and brought into the Inside-out reflection of the Best-than Everything He is!! (He meaning my Father)
    I’m persecuted day and night, and if your wondering how that could be, all I can say is they’ve found many ways. But I’ve learned to forgive quickly, and that every hardship is an opportunity to practice patience, perseverance, and unconditional love.
    God bless you beautiful lady, thank you!!

    • Wow! Praise God! This is a powerful testimony and encouragement, dear beloved sister Cherish! Very inspiring to continue to press in Jesus Christ, with a forgiving and humble heart/spirit. I’ve never been married and don’t have any children or grandkids, but your courage, meek, humble and compassionate heart is one to admire – understanding that is the Lord Jesus Christ who is sustaining you, Glory be to God!

      The adversary has been relentlessly attacking me on different levels over the past 11 years, which I believe is a part of carrying fiery trials and tribulations for the Glory of God, to make, help, shape, build quality character, maturing me spiritually and mentally, so that my reflection looks more like the reflection of Jesus Christ – as I move forward.

      God bless you and I pray your continual strength in the power of God, in Jesus Christ, empowered through the Holy Spirit.❤️

  2. Ny fire will burn the pews and it will run up the aisle and flames will lick up the pulpit. The pulpit over which fingers point to the congregation enjoining a faith that the speaker does not posses. Bibles held overhead but no truth is spoken. Men who have heard reports of Me but do not walk with Me. Church and Temple will never mean a building again. My Flame will not again rest on a candle of Gold. I will live in the spirits of my children. I will raise leadership from among these. The “Good People” will thrust them out of buildings out of their midst out of their affection and out of their love. But I will be catch them. I will carry them to every corner of earth, and they will accomplish all that I have planned from before ever a single thing was created. They will speak Truth, and either your eyes will fill with tears and you will fall to your knees, repent and receive the gift of life, or else, you will return to your building and wait for the lake of fire.

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