Never Forsaken!


And when they stand against me, I will stand beside you.

I lift you and love you.  I look into your face and call you home.  I praise you and fill you, life is not your own.

My hands, they mold you and fill you full of love.

You are My People, filled with love and grace.  My mercy pours out, my love flows over, and I never forsake you.

My people you are chosen and filled with great love.

Authority is given to you, and you receive my might and power.

You stand in My Glory as My Ppower washes over you.  Every move you make you are filled with my life.

I blow upon you, your lungs are filled with the breath I breathe.

My People see Me, wake up and see Me!

My earth it yearns for your hand to work it.  My love, pours out so others see My Heart.

People you are My creation, created with My very being.  My heart beats upon your daily life.

Rise and take your place.  Hear My voice and move in My presence.

Be filled with My mercy and love, step by step give away what I have given.

Find My joy and blow upon My creation.  Be loosed and receive all My Power.

My People, My Creation, I bring restitution to the earth.  My doors they open before you, enter in and receive all that is yours.”


~ Deb Zickafoose

Deb  Deb Zickafoose



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