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No Longer Will the Ekklesia Tolerate the Works of Jezebel — 2 Comments

  1. Delighted to see you post this word from Dutch Sheets, whose daily Give Him 15 posts encourage so many who are praying for both the U.K. and USA at this critical time.
    Just sent him a link to your post of 19 Dec ….
    I grew up in 1940 s aware that God’s calling was on both our nations to be guardians of his words and messengers of his kingdom to all nations.  Doubt and disbelief have blunted our awareness of that calling allowing the enemy has entered our gates…  but God’s calling stands and he will hold us to it by his power and grace..  though the longer we delay our response the greater our pain.  Bless you for your insights may the
    Lord guard his prophets ..

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