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NO more Static when Hearing God! — 5 Comments

  1. Wow, definitely a big confirmation to me! One or two days ago I felt pressure in both of my ears, but it was a good kind of pressure – hard to describe. I heard the Lord say that He was opening my ears to be able to hear more clearly for this new season that lies ahead. God is good. God bless you all.

  2. Since Wednesday 18 May I felt something like a sharp sting in my ear and was talking to my friend who is a prophet, and I asked her can this be seen spiritual just to confirm as I was thinking that God is opening my spiritual ears more because I am praying it in this time. So this is a third confirmation to me.

    • Hi, I have a friend who prayed for a year to hear the Lord and she had a stinging like an ear piercing in her ear.  Sounds like what you are experiencing.

  3. The Lord told me that also-that those who are autistic will easily be able to hear the Word of the Lord!! That there are no barriers to their hearing.

    • This prophet speaks the truth of God …my son for years now has the gift to see the holy spirit he called “colors” around people when he was young and then “halo” recently is able to share prophetic vision .. He said when he was born God spoke to him he was sent to heal hearts he says .. But more recently his gift had gotten extremely strong.. I have been taken back about it.. I have never shared this but felt GOD really leading me down this path to open up about this to give hope to many . I know it is hard to imagine as my son has few words but types letter by letter So many things he has shared about “eternity and or gentle God” also ” when God speaks of light at the beginning he is speaking of eternity Ryan said” light is eternity””God is with us into eternity” “heaven is real and people are there”

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