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None of My Words Will Be Delayed! — 4 Comments

  1. I know it is all about God’s timing and in the mean time we are to be busy doing What God has commended us to do, pray for the lost souls we all so need change in our own life, die to our flesh, learn to Trust God when things look impossible to us and when don’t get the answer to our prayer quick. No matter What I am am so thankful He saved me.

  2. Glory unto thee awesome loving Father, my God, so precious are you to me. I Receive your Words in Highest of Honor, for it is a Sure Word indeed to me. You dwell within me, and I surely do know your voice, the voice of a stranger, I will Not listen. Yes, loving Father, I am believing for answers to my prayers, for you know, before I speak what they are, and I know that I know, that it is my season for the manifestations of All you have Spoken unto me. It is Now the Time of No More Delay !!! Hallelujah !!! You have Spoken it. I believe and accept it with thanksgiving with Higher Praises lifted unto thee. I await on your Words, though it tarries, I Shall Not be Denied !!! I love you.

  3. I truly pray you are correct. Many have prophesied this same no delay over the years and been wrong. It is disheartening like Lucy promising that THIS time she will hold the football and doesn’t. I feel certain there will be a correction coming to those who dared speak false words on the Father’s behalf and spread discouragement among those in the wilderness. You seem to truly have a heart for us who are in the 7 times hotter fire.

  4. Thank You my Lord Jesus my family and my country recieve all of this with Joy and Thanksgiving.  All Glory and Honor and Love be to You my King and Lord.

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