This Battle Is Not Yours!

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Signs of the Shifting

Beloveds, I am deeply impressed in my spirit to say this, even to reiterate:  There will be doors, even relationally, that will be closed and others opened!

Where you have felt the devastating impact of rejection, it is only a sign of divine redirection.

For there are places you will be going and not everyone is ordained to be there with you.

Even those places where you have been feeling immense discomfort and those where you felt uncomfortable around, are signs of the shifting!

Know that it is for your own good that these doors are being closed, for better, even greater, opportunities are being opened to you.

As you continue to delight yourself in the LORD and trust in His divine Will, know that all things are working together for your good.

For in this season of transformation it is necessary for your growth and spiritual development.

This battle Is Not Yours!

I believe from what I Just perceived in my Spirit, that the Almighty One is dealing with issues that have been affecting families over generations.

I believe that the strongman that had dominion and presided over family altars, is coming down.

I lay here and I heard,  “I AM dealing with the issues that have affected your family.  Just be still.

This battle is not yours!  I AM destroying all that caused disunity and discord, disappointment and disillusionment.”

I believe Abba is indeed bringing healing and restoration in this hour.  Those powers that manipulated the destinies of our forefathers even our parents that vowed to destroy us too, to bring shame and disgrace, to bring torment and cause cycles of failure are going down!  In Jesus’ name!


~ Syreeta Thomas

Syreeta ThomasSyreeta Thomas



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