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Now You Will Reap Your Reward — 4 Comments

  1. Father, your Mercy endures forever. We cry out for your mercy on behalf of CALIFORNIA, the whole of USA & the entire world in Jesus name.

  2. True Realistic Message, to be fully enforced by the COURTS in HEAVEN “TODAY” to be sure that Accountability JUSTICE must brought to earth, but firmly to AMERICA under the Current Administration unlawfully censorship discriminatory released orders by the “dictator’s in command”. AMÉN…!


    HEB 13

    RO 13

    AC 5.29

    JN 14.15

    MY 5.19

    ML 3

    EZ 18.20

    2 TI 3.16-17

    1 TI 5.1-11

    LK 22.31-36

    LK 10.24-37


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