Of One Heart And One Soul


The priests and the captain of the Temple, were grieved.  At this particular place, why do we think they were so upset?  What had happened that stirred them up so much?

A man that was born cripple, had been healed.  Even they, knew it was a miracle, and there was no way to deny it.  Most of us have a fairly good idea of why they felt so threatened.  But, over a healing?  How could this cause such distress and anger among them?  Why could they not be happy, over something so good?

Do you think, that one of the reasons they were so put out, is that they were not the ones who did it?  We know that most of these church leaders of that time, were envious of Jesus.  That is one of the reasons they got rid of Him.  He made them look bad in front of the rest of the church folk; He could do things they could not do.

It was an insulting affront, that numerous thousands turned out to hear Him speak.  Too many people were believing in Him; they all saw and heard of the miracles, and they knew their religious order could not perform the same things.  But, did they even want to?

This post was to be about being in one mind and one accord, but I feel I have to follow wherever the Spirit leads.  Remember, when the Holy Ghost used to interrupt our services and the minister would take off in a different direction than they had planned?  At some point, the Spirit quickened something they were saying, and they were sensitive enough to know, that this was the direction that the Spirit wanted to go in.  It’s at these times, that much of the greatest work of the Spirit, can be done.  Following; obedience.

It wasn’t just on the day of Pentecost, that those people were in one mind and spirit.  Again here, they all came together, rejoicing about what Jesus had done through his willing vessels.  We don’t like to talk much about them “having all things common.”  But one thing is sure, it did help to create a unity that likely had not been seen before.  It’s here, that the message seems to be leading.  After the report concerning the incident of this man being healed, they all prayed.  And when they did, every last one of them in that gathering were filled with the Holy Ghost.  Hearts and souls – as one.

We are going to have to get it together.  It seems quite clear today that Jesus Christ is preparing His Church.  They are truly coming forward as never before in our time.

As it was foretold years ago now, He is restoring what He set in order before He ascended.  As we speak, those who will not deny Christ, those who will not stop assembling together in His name, are being destroyed.  We know too much.  We learned a long time ago what it meant to “bind” together for the moving of the Spirit; what was pleasing to God.

What was prophesied, even among us, is coming to pass.  This shaking of everything that can be shaken, is now in full process.  If we read closely here, the entire place where these souls were gathered together, was shaken.

It’s being foretold now, that so many things are going to be stirred up in this hour.  It’s a thread that is weaving its way through many of the posts here.

We will get it together; as a Church; all of the members of the body of Christ.  We will follow the true leading of the Spirit.  This is the only answer.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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