Church Unity in Diversity

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The right time for your betrayal is at hand!

I preached a message Sunday that yet, has me in a place of awesome wonder, so for those who didn’t see the live broadcast, it was a part of the message the Spirit of God said to share with the people.

Judas was a legal adversary, because he was part of God’s plan and your process.  He was an authorized enemy, manufactured and connected to you by God, because God knew Judas and He knew his heart, that he would harden his heart, because of the greed within his spirit, and he would take the bribe that would cause him to betray Jesus, but also exalt Him, to greatness.

Some of you have been prompted by God and He told you to place certain people in certain positions and then He hid their spirit and heart from you, so that you couldn’t disconnect from them, you couldn’t fire them.

He revealed them only, after the time that God was through using them to process you.  Your Judas, has to hold a key and important position in your life, so that they can be close enough to get your enemies inside, to get close enough to hurt you and damage you publicly, so that God can exalt you publicly before them.

The enemy thought that because Jesus was out of view and not seen or heard at that time, that He was no longer a threat to him, but he didn’t know that Jesus was being brought to His greatest time of triumph.

Some of your enemies think because you were wounded and was not in the public or saying anything, that it was over for you.  But what they didn’t know, was that God was creating a comeback, that will cause your enemies to fear and tremble at the mention of your name!

So don’t worry about who is against you, who is talking about you, because God connected your Judas and authorized them as a legal battle for the elevation and promotion at the right time for your life!

There is about to be a betrayal setup for a restoration comeback for somebody!  Get ready, Judas is about to make themselves known!

Angels on Assignment!

All I been hearing all night is these words, ANGELS ON ASSIGNMENT!  I hear swift movement quick return sure manifestation.

Your help has been released.  Don’t take NO for an answer, when God has spoken and given you a YES!  The angels that help create miracles and unlock blessings and bring answers to prayers, are on a mission this week to make sure some will not come out this month empty!

I’m in special prayer this week for many who have been waiting in worship faith and love for The LORD to move and bring to pass His word of promise.

Laying before The LORD this morning, streaks of light like lightening begin to appear in my living room.  The power of God shook my whole body and the Spirit of The LORD spoke and said these words, I WILL DO IT SUDDENLY AND WITHOUT FAIL IT SHALL SURELY COME TO PASS!

Divine intervention is taking place.  The atmosphere on earth is aligning and prepared for heaven to invade it and manifest what has been decreed and declared.

NOTE: In order for things to happen make sure you are in alignment with the instructions given when a prophetic word was spoken and your life is in order with God’s requirements through His word.

There are special times through God’s grace that He will perform a miracle or release a blessing to show somebody that He is real to win a soul or He will move to encourage one of His children who is about to faint because of the intensity of a trial they are in but those are done when He directs them for reasons only He knows.

Some of you are at that point and He will perform His word to encourage you because you are getting weak from the persecution and wait!  He will give you some relief.  Hold on people things are turning.  He will keep you in perfect peace just keep your mind on Him.

Worship and praise has been my peace, because they bring me into His presence where I am strengthen by His love and protected by His power.  I’m excited about what God is doing and about to do in this hour.  I’m screaming, I  DON’T MIND WAITING ON THE LORD!

Church Unity in Diversity

This morning has been totally unusual as the Spirit of The LORD is talking very heavily this morning to me.  He keeps dealing with me about how many in ministry lack the ability to minister to the diversity of races and cultures in the Kingdom.

They place a blockage on the advancement of the Kingdom, because they won’t minister out of the familiar place that causes them to be comfortable.  They limit themselves to only the race and culture that they grew up with, and in and can’t embrace those whom God sends, and who are beyond those places.

Many refuse to broaden their mindsets, but yet proclaim God is taking them to the nations.  How can we say God has called us international or global, but we are unable to be multicultural or multiracial?

Many in ministry can preach, but lack the ability to administer.  They lack the necessary administration skills to build and set the administrative offices and duties that are necessary to set the ministry in order.  They don’t understand the foundational structure that is needful for a ministry to stand strong.

There are too many persons who are lacking the leadership qualities to sustain them as ministry is being built.  They are here today, and gone tomorrow, because the spiritual substance they need, is not there to take them through the different development stages of ministry.

Today, the leaders are not truly taking the time to develop leaders.  They only sharpen their gifts, but they don’t take the time to develop attitude, character, and spiritual attributes in the people.

Most persons won’t take the time to stay and learn.  Often they get a prophetic word about their calling and just take off.  There is so much dysfunctional leadership, because instead of leaders correcting, rebuking and setting order, they are building reputations, egos and bank accounts.

I’m noticing something else too, that leaders are doing are allowing to be done, and that is developing cliques in the church.  Leaders are only taking an interest in certain ones in the ministry, because of some selfish reason that is self-serving, and this is causing others in the ministry to feel neglected or as an outcast.

It seems many times, that the ones closer to the leader, many times take on an attitude that they are better than everybody else and are superior to others because of their relationship with the leader.  This is were leadership has to step in and correct them, and let them know that they are not better than others.  In fact, those who walk in a closer range, experiencing more warfare, more attacks from the congregation, they are always accused put under a microscope and talked about, lied on, and mistreated, so the positions they are in, are not glamorous or should bring pride, but humility, obedience, subjection, and a servant-hood attitude.

Leaders must know how to deal with the diversity of attitudes, characters, mindsets of the different dimension of people who have been connected to them.

Knowing how to bring all these differences together to work in unity, is going to take more than your gift.  We need to have leaders who know how to deal with those that are from the gutter, to those that live in a mansion, from those who are on fixed incomes, to those who have an abundance.

They have to understand how to bring races and cultures together to operate in love and unity, without being bias prejudice or appearing racist.

It’s time for the real apostolic teaching to come forth and to show the people the proper way to operate in excellence maturity wisdom knowledge understanding humility and love in the Kingdom of God!

Assumption, Speculation & Conjecture

Assumption:  a thing that is accepted as true without proof.

Speculation:  conclusion or opinion reach by conjecture.

Conjecture:  a opinion or conclusion formed on the basic of incomplete information.

There are far too many people who are accepting the opinions of others, from the words of somebody who has a issue with a person.  

There are leaders who are intermingling with those whom they lead, to destroy another leader’s credibility, influence and reputation, due to insecurity, jealousy and a vivid imagination toward someone else.

Now you have the sheep giving opinions about a leader, based on faulty information and lies that they heard, and they are spreading the rumors, because their leader was the one they heard the story from.

It’s amazing the lengths a person will go to, just to keep people from connecting to other.  I have seen leaders get upset because God tells someone in their congregation, that it’s time for them to move, so that they can go to the next dimension for their life.  And when the leader finds out who they are called to connect to, that leader gets up, preaches a sermon on the person, calls their name over the pulpit and slanders them, to keep the person from connecting to whom God has now placed in their life, as their leader.

One thing I have learned in leadership, is how to let go of people, so that they can continue on to their destiny and purpose.  When will we in leadership learn that one plants, one waters, but God gives the increase?

Just because somebody started with you, doesn’t mean that they will always be there.  There will be times when you have taken a person as far as you can spiritual, and they must move to keep surviving spiritually.  I have seen too many dry and wither up, because they are no longer growing, increasing, stretching in a place.

Leaders, you cannot discredit someone because you are upset or angry because God speaks to somebody and tells them that for them to continue to grow, they have to connect with another person.  You can’t argue with God about His people and who He chooses to help get them to destiny.

I was studying about the eagle again today and I love this one thing about eagles.  They do not allow their mature children to stay in the nest.  Once they are out the nest, they are not allowed to come back into the nest again.  The parents will drive them away if they attempt to return back to the nest, because they now consider them a intruding eagle.

Leaders need to understand, that once people mature are established, and can fly on their own, it’s their responsibility to forbid those who are mature to run back to them every time they have a problem.

Eagle’s teach their young how to survive.  They refuse to make them incapable of living without them, because they know that in order for them to survive, they must learn how to fly on their own.

Somebody asked me how many times a week do I have to call my leader for help and I told them, I don’t call my leader like that, because I am a fully grown, well rounded, mature leader and I don’t require pampers, pacifiers or bottles.  I am capable of making decisions, building a ministry, carrying myself in all spiritual and administrative capacities.

I may need my leader’s advise every now and then, but if he has to hold my hand 24/7, then I never should have been affirmed, ordained or anointed for ministry until I was able to stand without his continual presence.

If you are in ministry and you yet need somebody to be with you all day, everyday, then you were not ready to go forth.  Some of you need to return the paperwork, you have and go back and sit down and learn some more.

This is another reason why the church is operating in dysfunction and chaos.  Yes, you may be called and even chosen, but you are not developed enough to make it with the spiritual qualifications you are operating in right now!  It’s alright to sit your own self down until you are ready!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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Church Unity in Diversity — 1 Comment

  1. Apostle Barbara, you hit the nail on the head twice: mentioning the divine intervention and the developing cliques in the church. I am getting weak from waiting on the Lord and I desperately need a breakthrough. Regarding the cliques, I was just talking to the Lord about this last night and here I am thinking something is wrong with me! They talk among themselves and everybody else outside of it is made to feel less important just because they do more for the church financially. That ought not be so and it really hurts. All I can do is keep praying. Thank you so much for your obedience to the Lord. God Bless You!