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  1. Hi Sandi, The Lord gave us our life, and He gave us His life also on Calvary. He gave us His all. We must not come short of loving Jesus and giving Him our all. We must see that we can totally trust Him. Let go and let God do the impossible in our lives. The part about His wonders on the high seas brought me back to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as a child of almost nine. I was alone on deck of the SS Homeric and all around was a deep wavy ocean. I love the ocean deep and used to watch under sea documentaries. It amazes me. My husband dove for a time. Yes, higher and deeper into your wonderful love Lord. Beautiful Word, beautiful when we totally trust in our Fathers love. Thank you. ❤️

    • Thanks for sharing your love of the sea. I so love the ocean. Indeed we must embrace His offer to go higher and deeper. HE is our everything. Our trust in Him is all we need. As you said, Faith! Only believe. His love and peace to you, Patricia. Sandi

  2. Dear Joyce, Oh Glory! Indeed that day will be glorius: WE SHALL BEHOLD HIM..then face to face!! I can hear Sandi Patti singing that song as I read your input. ThanKs so much for the recap. I sincerely believe He is uncapping some wells so that we can truly go deeper and higher in these last days. What a God of mercy and love. Love you, my sister, Sandi

  3. Wonderful and inspiring! I get so much insight from your words of God. To go up higher and higher, we will need a strong, high-tech spacesuit. To swim deeper and deeper for more spiritual experiences, we will put on a cutting edge diving suit. I believe God will equip us with those armors for His last days. ♡ Thanks Sandi

  4. Wonderful Word Sandi. I want to give my heart to the Lord afresh this day and everyday. Only He is worthy!!
    This is the day the Lord has made and I choose to be glad and rejoice in it.
    To recap a little, “I speak these Truths to you in this time when I AM beckoning My Chosen Ones to come up higher — and also go down deeper — into the deeper life of The Spirit.” Come up Higher but go down deeper..! How profound and unsearchable are the depths the Lord wants to take us too! One day Face to Face we will behold Him! I love you sis. ❤️

    • Dear Joyce, I replied earlier but I must not have sent it?(smile)! Nevertheless, going up higher and to the depths of the ocean, His invitation is always a deeper encounter to be had with the once who is always there in us and for us! What a mighty God we are privileged to serve. Love you my sister. Sandi

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