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Approaching Yom Kippur — 8 Comments

  1. Lord we repent of our sins- Both Knowingly & Unknowingly. Please forgive us and give us a New Beginning with a CLEAN SLATE- with NEWNESS in every of our Lives!  We decree 2nd Chronicles 7:14 as our portion! Create within us a Clean Heart and Renew a RIGHT Spirit within us!☝

    • Mary Mary,
      Oh Yes, LORD, LET IT BE SO!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! GOD LOVES when we repent, because it clears the way for HIM to do so much more in our lives & HE LOVES POURING OUT HIS GOODNESS, MERCY, & GRACE over us!!! Thank you for your response!!! BLESSINGS! Bev

  2. Dear Beverly,

    You hit the nail on the head. In God – it all comes back to the issue of the heart. Contrite and broken is what the Lord requires. At Yom Kippur, and every day, Repentance and obedience is what the Lord accepts. Thank you.

    • Elizabeth,
      Obedience is the greatest praise we can give the LORD, it shows everything about us, in that one act to the LORD. For us, it’s often times the hardest thing to do, because it goes against the rebellion that so many have within. To the LORD, YOM KIPPUR is soooo IMPORTANT & really pulls on His heart, as it gives us that one day a year to start over with a clean slate.  Thank you so much for responding. BLESSINGS! Bev

  3. Amen! Your powerful message from God made me alert more.
    Today, I threw temper tantrums again because I came across some members of a secret evil group and they irritated me intentionally.
    Nevertheless, I want to forgive and love them again for His Kingdom.
    May God give me more love on them. Thanks♡

    • Hae Won Hong,
      Great response to the enemy. He does all he can to cause us to not act / speak like we should. I know your forgiveness & love will be used by the LORD to help them change their hearts!  Thank you so much for responding.  GOD BLESS YOU! Bev

  4. Thank you Bev for writing and being obedient. So many warnings here that don’t need to go unheeded! The Lord warns to wake us up. This really stood out, I believe the Lord spoke to you:

    “Interestingly, many of you think like Solomon, that you are above Me, or god, in your higher-self, so you don’t have to have a relationship with Me, because you’ll just ask yourself, and you believe you know more than Me.”

    Is that not making ourselves gods and taking Jesus Christ off the throne of our hearts? (Sad, but some have never gave Him access to rule and reign.)The idolatry is within us.
    I pray to keep Jesus Christ on the throne and self out! God forgive us, cleanse us, keep our hearts and even our relationships pure in Jesus Name. Amen. I love you sis. ❤️

    • Joyce,
      ALWAYS FAITHFUL & TRUE, BELOVED OF THE LORD.  Once you found the path to Him, you never let Him go. He loves you so for that!  Thank you so much for responding. You are dear to the LORD’S HEART & mine!

      BLESSINGS! Bev

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